Hot Weather Exercising: Staying Hydrated With Electrolyte Powder

To all those fitness freaks, staying hydrated during hot summer weather is a challenge. Exercise itself flashes out a lot of electrolytes and fluids from our body through sweat. When we exercise, we obviously sweat a lot. So, before, during, and after exercise, you have to ensure that you are getting enough electrolytes and staying hydrated. The hot weather itself is a danger to our body’s hydration level; plus, when you are exercising in hot weather, you will lose more water and essential electrolytes. As a result, your stamina and strength might decrease. But you can not afford to decrease your exercise performance. Right? 

That is why you need to look for ways to maintain the hydration level of your body. Only drinking a lot and a lot of water is not going to help you at all. When you are sweating, you are losing essential electrolytes along with water. And these electrolytes are crucial for proper brain and muscle functioning. So, you have to ensure that you are consuming enough electrolytes along with water. Electrolyte drinks are really helpful in this case. But we will ask you to go for electrolyte powders because they are completely safe for both children and older adults. That means it does not contain any other ingredients apart from electrolytes. 

Staying Hydrated With Electrolyte Powder In Hot Weather While Exercising

So, now you know what you need to do to stay hydrated when you are exercising during hot summer weather. However, in order to enhance your performance, you need to ensure that you are not taking electrolyte powder once you get dehydrated; you have to maintain the hydration level throughout your exercise duration. 

That is why here are some tips that will help you to stay hydrated during hot weather

  • Always start your day by drinking at least 250 ml serving of water. While you sleep, your body loses water, which is why you should drink water before bed and also after waking up. 
  • Do not wait to feel thirsty; drink before that. By the time you feel thirsty, you might have lost 2 or more subs of your body’s total water composition. Throughout the day, drink plenty of water. Always carry a bottle of water along with electrolyte powder. When you are sweating a lot, drink plenty of electrolyte water as well. 
  • Never think about substituting the water loss with alcoholic beverages. Actually, alcohol is a diuretic, and that is why it will cause you to lose more water through increased urination. 
  • It is also crucial to note that tea and coffee also have diuretic effects. Still, they do offer a significant amount of fluid. Also, any effect of caffeine on urine loss is really less, especially for those users who are habitual caffeine users. 
  • Average rates of sweat can vary from 0.5 liters per hour to over 2.5 liters per hour. When you know your sweat rate, it will help you to prepare for both training and competition. Knowing your sweat rate will help you to understand how much fluid you should intake. 
  • When you are exercising or sweating due to exposure to heat, you always have to ensure that you have enough electrolytes along with water to maintain the hydration and electrolyte level in your body. 

How To Drink To Stay Hydrated

As we have mentioned earlier that you should not wait to feel thirsty, you have to drink throughout the day usually. But when you are exercising during hot weather, you need to drink a little extra, and that too strategically. 

Hydration Prior To Exercise

Always start your workout session well hydrated. Drink at least 450 ml to 650 ml of water or electrolyte powder mixed with water for 1 to 3 hours before your exercise. Also, 10 to 30 minutes prior to your exercise, drink an additional 200 ml to 300 ml. 

Hydration During Exercise

When you are exercising, drink 200 ml to 300 ml every 15 to 20 minutes. When you are into any sporting activity, try to take regular sips. For all those longer exercise sessions, always follow a proper hydration regimen, such as drinking prior to and following the exercise as well or by including electrolyte hydration supplements as part of your workout routine

Hydration Following Activity

Once you are done exercising, drink 500 ml to 1000 ml within a time period of 1 hour. Although you might not feel thirsty, you should drink in order to not get dehydrated. Always remember that you have to drink more than what you have lost. 

To Conclude

So, in case you are into sports or exercise regularly, it is best to pick an electrolyte powder. It will not only improve your performance but also help you to maintain your form by keeping your muscle hydrated and electrically charged.