A noble and impetuous creature, the horse is one of the most common positive symbols, talismans, amulets. This image is active in many symbolic systems using animal totems.

Hoses in mythology

The mythological character of this animal is directly related to the deities. A horse can act as a zoomorphic image of the solar deity himself, or some aspect of him – rays, sunrise or dawn, speed of movement, etc.

All over the world, the solar gods and their heavenly horses, harnessed to divine sleds and associated with the sun’s rays, live in legends. Images of the morning and evening dawn are often used as pairs of twin horses (Ashwins, Dioscuri, etc.).

White or fiery colors were attributed to all divine beings, including zoomorphic ones, engaged in the fight against evil, so the color of the horse is decisive.

Such a strong animal with a character like a horse simply could not fail to become a landmark for many nations. And despite different cultures and beliefs, the symbolic meaning largely coincides beauty, power, grace, freedom, the power of the primitive element of fire, water, wind. Whatever the interpretation is, it remains unchanged that the symbol is active.

Where is it used?

The versatility of the image of a horse allows people to use it for a logo in completely different fields of activity. Companies that are somehow connected with sports, due to the running horse, tell about their strength, perseverance and victory. Manufacturers of clothing and accessories speak about grace, dignity and style. 

The choice of this symbol by automakers is simply obvious.  Who, if not a forward-looking steed, will reflect the speed, power and beauty of forms?! In addition, before the advent of cars, the horse was the main means of transportation. People appreciate the beauty, grace, power and speed of this animal, and even the power of a car engine is measured in horsepower. The most recognizable, rearing horse is located on the emblem of the Italian car “Ferrari”. The only criterion for choosing a horse is the speed of this animal. The iconic cars with horse logo are presented by cars from the manufacturer Porsche.

As mentioned above, horse logos can also be found on clothing. For example, Levi’s is an American brand under whose name the world’s first jeans were created and patented. Here horses are a symbol of strength. After all, according to one version, the logo depicts teamsters whose horses, moving in different directions, are trying to break Levi Strauss & Co jeans attached to their sleds. Or here is another example of a horse logo in clothing. The logo of Burberry, a manufacturer of luxury clothing, accessories and perfumes, is a rider in armor with a spear in his hand. Here the horse symbolizes forward movement and progress.

Well, alcoholic brands usually reflect the spirit of freedom, irrepressibility and part of their history in this symbol. In this case, an example is White Horse, a popular brand of Scotch whiskey sold in 160 countries around the world. Here the horse is a symbol of elegance. The logo has not changed yet.

Distinctive features of horse logos

Designers use a logo that features a horse along with smooth curved lines. They avoid sharp corners, as they are simply incompatible with the forms of the animal and will create disharmony. The color scheme of horse emblems is quite diverse. If the activity of the brand is connected with sports, designers choose the hot colors: red, orange, yellow. The logo of the company where people are engaged in intellectual work is presented in “indigo” (blue, azure and purple). For alcohol companies, the nobility of the created drink can be emphasized by black or classic silver color.