Hoop Earrings and Other Bold Jewelry Trends To Follow

When it comes to fashion trends, we shouldn’t speak of only clothing. Jewelry plays a major part in completing a look. Just like our favorite outfit and makeup trends, jewelry trends shouldn’t be ignored. The top trends for 2021 aren’t subtle, and we’re not expecting subtle trends for 2022 either. It’s going to be bold and beautiful. To catch up with a few of these trends, check below for the following must-haves.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a must-have. They’ve been an on-and-off trend for decades, and lucky for us, it continues in 2021. It’s no surprise that hoops haven’t faded out even now. They look great with everything. They’re even better now because jewelers make them in all shapes and sizes. You can rock a small hoop, large hoop, spiked hoop, and lots more. There’s one for every theme. So, just like your signature scent or jeans, take your time to pick a hoop that suits you.

This doesn’t mean you should go with one look all the time. You can switch it up a bit depending on the occasion. You can opt for sleeper hoops for a more discreet look. Alternatively, a midi hoop works best if you want to play it safe. Even a coke-can hoop works well for an effortless yet chic look.

Chain and Link Jewelry

Chain jewelry has been around for as long as we can remember. This string of interlocking gold or silver links has graced the fashion world with its edgy elegance. It’s seen mainly in necklace form, but chain bracelets and earrings are also quite common. Chain necklaces are usually layered together over a high-necked piece of clothing or worn alone with a more plunged neckline. Some of them come with a pendant depending on the wearer’s taste.

The interesting thing about chain jewelry is that it’s unisex. Both men and women can wear a nice gold chain and look just as great. So, if you haven’t got a chain necklace in your jewelry collection just yet, we suggest you run out and get one. Perhaps grab one for your beau, too, while you’re at it.

Mismatched Earrings

This quirky new mix-and-match jewelry is something you’re going to love trying. It’s for women who fancy stepping out of the status quo and doing things out of the norm. You don’t necessarily need to love atypical fashion to jump on this trend: You could just rock these on days when you feel a bit adventurous.

Whether you’re going to a concert or out for brunch with your friends, this lopsided look could be the cherry on the top of your outfit. Celebs like Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson surely have good things to say about these earrings after wearing them on the red carpet and casual days out.

Novelty Charms


Novelty jewelry is playful and sometimes comes with a pinch of nostalgia, depending on the design. Unlike most kinds of jewelry, novelty pieces aren’t made of costly metals like gold and silver. At the same time, they’re hardly ever made from precious stones either, but they still look pretty stunning.

Wearing novelty pieces can be a bit tricky. If you aren’t careful about how you style it, it could look tacky. It’s best to wear your pieces with more casual outfits, and be sure to pick your materials carefully. Also, keep in mind that novelty or costume pieces are usually quite colorful. Try not to wear them with busy prints or extra bright colors. The safest way to style these earrings is to pair them with plain or neutral-colored clothing.