Hoodies For Women: Fashion’s Favourite Trend

You know the outfits that you don’t care about what sartorial connotations they have? It’s hard to believe, but there are many options. There are sweatpants, cdg shirt that you wear around your house, and hoodies for women who go shopping or workout. We didn’t realize that the most important things are those we take for granted.

Who would have thought that I could actually wear one of those women’s hoodies to the gym, when I was working out?

Hoodies are the latest fashion trend. Ok, not really the latest. This post is more like circa 2016, but it’s still relevant. It’s not surprising that hoodies for ladies were a huge trend last year. They continue to be a popular style choice because, hello! Activewear, Sports-luxe and Gangsta-Glam are all the looks that everyone loves.

(Man, I have to stop using the hashtags. Btw, I sometimes talk in hashtags because I am so lazy. 

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Hoodies for Women: 

From Gym Wear to Street Wear

First, ladies hoodies are not new. It only looks different because of how we wear them and because fashion has become more open-minded or more inclusive. It’s all about street style, personal style, and a strong emphasis on the “anything goes with everything” mantra. It’s the middle finger to fashion rules, if you will.

The second reason hoodies for ladies are on the rise is because of our obsession with fitness and sports. Hello gym fashion aka activewear. Sports clothing is trendy and fashionable enough to be worn outside of the gym. This is also true for women’s hoodies.

Leggings, crop tops and mesh fabrics, as well as sweatpants, are all part of a relaxed, chic style.

We swap Louis Tomlinson merch outfits every day because we have to go to work, spin class, grocery shopping, and then to [insert other activity]. It’s acceptable and more fashionable to wear cool hoodies, even when they are for work, to match them with smarter or more sophisticated pieces, especially if you have a lot of post-work errands. You can wear a more formal or simple hoodie with black pants or a pencil skirt, and heels. Although it sounds absurd, it is elegant and stylish.

Shop Hoodies For Women

What hoodies look good? How do you choose one? Do I need to go trendy? Can’t I just wear my old, rugged one? Where can I find a great hoodie at a great price?I have your back. Below are my top picks for hoodies, from the super-cheap to the designer pieces.