Honda Activa 6G- Best light weight scooty for women

Motorcycles and Scooters by Honda have an excellent market reputation due to reliable, durable, and smoothly functioning products. Honda Activa has been the highest-selling scooter across the country. Activa 6G has recently been launched with a better look and advanced features. The notable thing is that all this is provided within the budget. Honda Activa 6G price ranges from Rs. 71,000 to Rs. 73,500 on average. According to a report published by India Today, Honda activa is the highest selling scooter and first scooter to cross 2.5 crore sales milestone.

Honda Activa 6G

Activa 6G has two variants, one is available in six different colors, and the other is a limited edition, having two separate shades. The design has been kept as usual, and to boost its attractiveness, little modifications are made in the design.

Due to its lightweight nature, the Activa series is mostly preferred by women, and therefore, Activa 6G is the most advanced lightweight vehicle for women now.

Know More About Activa 6G specifications:

1. Performance and potential

Activa 6G comes with an engine of 109.51cc, producing power of 7.68 bhp at 8000 rpm and a torque of 8.79 Nm at 5250 RPM. The average top speed it offers is around 85 kmph, that’s way more than most scooters have. The clutch and gear shifting are automatic, and the cooling system is based on fan cooling. 

The fuel tank has a capacity of 5.3 liters, and the reserved fuel capacity is about 1.3 liters. The vehicle has an automatic transmission, and the transmission type is CVT. Customers can go through the complete guide on Honda Activa 6G at Droom.

2. Brakes, Tyres, and Suspension

The vehicle has CBS as its braking system. Both the front and the rear brake are of drum type with a size of 130mm. Activa 6G has the usual tubeless tyre with the sizes of wheels being 12 inches and 10 inches for the front and rear wheels, respectively. 

The front and rear tyre pressure with type rider are 22 psi and 29 psi, respectively. While the pillion is also present, the front pressure remains the same, 22 psi but the rear pressure changes to 36 psi. The front suspension is telescopic, while the rear is a 3 step adjustable spring-loaded hydraulic suspension. The battery installed is 3.0 Ah (12V).

3. Dimensions

The vehicle has an underbone chassis type with a kerb weight of 107 kg. The overall length and width are 1833 mm and 697 mm, respectively. The height of the vehicle is around 1156 mm. The scooter offers a ground clearance of 171 mm, and the wheelbase has a circumference of 1che seat height is around 692 mm. 

4. Miscellaneous features

The fuel filling is done externally. LED lights have been used for designing tail lights, and the headlight comprises halogen bulbs. A killswitch is also there, along with the low fuel indicator. Two trip meters are present in the scooter. Both speedometer and odometer are analogue, and the vehicle has an electrical starting feature.

The pillion backrest is absent, but the pillion’s footrest and grab trail are there in Activa 6G. The tachometer and trip meter are also analogue. The turn signal feature is there, and the customer gets under-seat storage too.

The features that are not there are:

  • A clock.
  • Digital fuel gauge.
  • GPS navigation.
  • Low fuel indicator.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Mobile app connectivity.
  • Shift light.

These features could have made the functioning of the vehicle even better.

5. Warranty information

The standard warranty in terms of years is three years, and the same in terms of kilometers one can ride the vehicle is 36000 kilometers

Activa 6G Mileage

Honda has claimed that the Activa 6G had a 10% better fuel efficiency than the previous models. The efficiency increased due to the incorporation of the exclusive eSP technology. The vehicle offers a mileage of 60km/l. However, it may drop down to 50-55km/l in the cities due to high traffic. 

Considering the power and torque outcomes, the mileage provided by Activa 6G is above average and much better than the rival vehicles. 

The Conclusion

Honda has quite a good reputation for manufacturing vehicles that come within the budget while having all the latest features that help people drive smoothly. Honda has made it possible for people to have the best without damaging their wallets and, Honda has also offered a variety of options to the automobile industry. For many years,the brand has been trusted by a huge segment of people due to the automobiles it manufactures and the features they have. 

Honda Activa 6G has remarkable specifications and features that make it a great choice for people who desire durability and the latest design. The functions provided in Activa 6G are much more advanced than the scooters of the rival companies. In addition, the design has some major upgrades compared to the previous series, making the scooters look more attractive.

It further provides an elaborate choice for the users to select from the two variants according to the design they prefer. Although both have the same functions, appearance plays a vital role in selecting an automobile. Therefore, Activa 6G has a vast fan base hoping for the best they can get in the Activa series.