Home Loan EMI Calculator – Know the Benefits of Using It

Are you looking to purchase a home with the assistance of a home loan? In case the answer is yes, then it is an extremely good idea to compute your EMI before you sign it. A useful instrument here is a home loan EMI calculator like the SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator, ICICI home loan EMI calculator etc., which can assist you with it. What is meant by a home loan EMI calculator? As a home loan is a substantial amount, the borrower usually repays it in the form of EMI. With the assistance of an online home loan EMI calculator, you can accurately figure out the EMIs (interest + principal component), you require to pay every month towards your home loan repayments.

Crucial benefits of using the home loan EMI calculator

A home loan calculator provides a host of advantages. With this useful online instrument, you can plan out your home loan accurately.


When it is to home loan planning, going wrong is not the option you have. Manual computations are vulnerable to errors. A home loan calculator solves the problem as this endows you with the right result, every single time.


Not only is manual computation prone to any fallacy but the procedure is generally tedious and lengthy. The home loan calculator for EMI functions at lightning speed, showing the results in just seconds. Use ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator, SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator etc.

Finance planning

EMI calculator for the home loan allows you to simply steer clear of future financial issues. By knowing your home loan EMI beforehand, you can simply plan out your budget efficiently and borrow the amount that matches your bill.

Simple comparison

Distinct lenders provide distinct home loan rates. Even a little difference in your home loan rate can considerably impact your home loan EMI amount. A home loan calculator makes it convenient and simple to compare your rate of interest provided by distinct lenders on their home loans.

Simple to use

Apart from being accurate and fast, home loan calculators are considerably user-friendly. The only 3 inputs that you require are your tenure, principal loan proceeds and home loan rate of interest.

How can you use the home loan calculator?

Once you have decided on the 3 details namely – loan amount, loan repayment tenure and home loan rates – and enter the 3 of them in their required slots on the home loan calculator. Alternatively, you also can utilize the sliders to simply adjust the figures based on the kind of calculator available on the lender’s site. Once you place the 3 values, the home loan calculator can automatically show the EMI amount in just seconds.

Moreover, you can continue changing and adjusting figures, and the home loan calculator will display accurate and instant outcomes, thus assisting you to customize your home loan depending on your comfort. You can avail customized home loans by using a handy instrument, which can provide you with instant and accurate outcomes. Enjoy enhanced home loan eligibility, a simple application procedure, minimal documentation, and a low rate of interest.

Having your own home is one of the most appreciated marks of success in the world and a house also offers security to you. However, with the increasing real estate prices, buying a home in a single payment may be very stressful financially. One of the best ways to generate funds for purchasing a home is a housing loan. A housing loan is a lump sum amount borrowed from a bank or financial institution for the only purpose of buying a home.

A home loan is one of the most effective ways of accumulating funds for purchasing a home without deep diving into your savings. Home purchase decisions are long-term in nature, which makes it crucial for you to look for interest constituents as the higher the repayment tenure of a loan, the more costly is the loan. A lot of banks and financial institutions provide a reasonable as well as an attractive rate of interest for making the housing loan affordable for customers.

Banks and financial institutions provide 2 kinds of the rate of interest via home loans – a fixed and floating rate of interest. Consumers can opt for any one of them based on which one suits better as per your specific needs. A lot of financial institutions and banks provide attractive and reasonable rates for making home loans affordable.

Home loan repayment is done via EMI making your loan amount repayment easy and convenient for you. Loan repayment done monthly makes the procedure of repayment simple for you as they can select the repayment loan tenure as per your preference. If you want to use a home loan calculator for computing the EMI constituent, you just require visiting the official site of the bank for this. Here are simple benefits you must know –

Simple calculator –

Any customer who wants to figure out the EMI repayment will only require entering the interest rate, loan amount, loan repayment tenure and processing charges.

Select the correct repayment tenure –

After getting the concise EMI figure, you can then select the correct loan repayment tenure. They can determine if they can simply afford to repay a high EMI and select a short repayment tenure period for repaying off it quickly or can repay a comfortable loan EMI by exceeding their repayment tenure.

Advantageous for loan management –

While making loan EMI repayments, sometimes customers might have few extra funds to make the prepayments. If any customer wants to recheck its financials and see how prepayment can assist, a home loan calculator can help.

Compare loan offers –

Customers can utilize the home loan calculator for making a comparison of the loan offers from distinct banks. Outcomes show the overall cost of the loan along with the respective EMIs. It assists in narrowing down on a suitable option and selecting the home loan that matches their specific set of requisites.

Accurate outcomes –

When computations are manually performed, few miscalculations may happen without any realization. With an online calculator, there is no chance of such errors as calculations are accurate.