When you suffer from dust, pollen or dander allergies, cleaning will be extra difficult for you. But refraining from cleaning will cause more problems. So the better solution is to clean with necessary precautions. Always wear a mask while cleaning. We will share with you some home cleaning tips to follow if you are an allergy sufferer.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

Spread the cleaning task over the week and schedule it properly. Cleaning won’t be a once-in-a-while task for an allergy sufferer. It will be an obstacle that needs to be done daily with consistency and at a slower pace. If you are a busy person you can also reach out to reliable home cleaning experts. A little maintenance each day instead of one whole day for cleaning is the main tip that needs to be followed by allergy sufferers.

Vacuum Regularly

For allergy sufferers, it is better to vacuum than sweep, as sweeping will disturb the settled dust and makes things worse for you. Use a vacuum HEPA, high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter. These filters are designed to absorb tiny dust particles.

Microfiber Cloth for Dusting

If a vacuum cleaner is not available, then the next option should be a microfiber cloth to do the dusting. They also attract the dust particles and trap them from escaping to the surrounding air. Thus it will do a better job of removing allergens.

Wash Bedding Once a Week

Your bedsheets may seem guilt-free, but that is not the case, they tend to collect dust easily and can cause an allergy flare-up.  So, it needs to be cleaned weekly or even better twice a week. You can monitor the condition of your bed by your health when you are waking up, if you are waking up sneezing it’s high time to wash the bed sheets and comforters.

Wash Curtains, Blinds, Carpets and Couches

Allergens will be accumulating on curtains, blinds, carpets and couches. So, these need to be regularly washed. If it is difficult for you to wash them alone, then it is better to search for some effective curtain cleaning tips. That will give you better results and these things will be allergen-free.

Keep Bathroom Moisture to a Minimum

Bathroom moisture will lead to an increase in mold spores and they can be bad for allergy sufferers. So always keep the bathroom moisture to a minimum. Wipe the bathroom floors at the end of every day. This will keep the bathroom moisture-free.

Reduce the Presence of Allergens

This will be possible by taking the right measure to deny entry for allergens. Remove your shoes while entering your house, and change into home slippers. Invest in a good quality HEPA filter. Avoid scented items for odour removal,  follow some home remedies instead. Remove dust collecting useless items from your home. Don’t keep the window open on windy days.

Following these steps religiously will help you lead a better coping mechanism against allergies. This will also help your home look extra clean and tidy, which will be a bonus. Hope you have a wonderful allergy-free life from now onwards.