Hispanic/Latino Workers Most at Risk from Accidents in the Workplace

Statistically speaking, Hispanic and Latino workers in America are most at risk from accidents. Workplace illnesses and injuries are higher among minority groups in the US. 

Although the US has good workers compensation schemes in place, the statistics concerning workplace deaths are concerning. Recent statistics suggest that the percentage of workplace deaths among Hispanic and Latino communities has risen four years in a row. 22.5% of all workplace deaths in the US happen to these two communities specifically. There must be a reason that this happens. 

Hispanic and Latino Communities Account for 4.2 Workplace Deaths Per 1,000

To put that into perspective, Latino and Hispanic workers’ deaths are still rising, even when other minorities are tailing off. It’s not all sad news. For example, fatal injury rates for non-Hispanic Asians, Black, and African American workers all fell. This came alongside a 10.7% drop overall in workplace deaths. This data proves that things are changing for the better. However, this disparity in communities requires further investigation.

Why are Hispanic/Latino Communities at Risk?

University studies indicate that Latino and Hispanic workers take on jobs with higher risk factors. These communities take hazardous jobs, according to studies by the University of South California. The data collected shows that minority workers do still experience worse health. Reasons for this were bias in assigning difficult tasks, discrimination in the hiring process, and lower wages coupled with reduced job opportunities. Researchers recorded the need for policymakers to intervene and provide further reviews of the law in this area. 

What to do if your Workplace is Unsafe?

If you are in a minority and concerned about your safety in the workplace, Hazel News have already created a helpful article on tips to avoid accidents. US government advice from the Department of Labor is to raise your issues with your employer as soon as possible. Make your employer aware of the problem and give them the chance to fix it. You should make these complaints known in writing.

If you ask your employer to correct something and they do not correct it, you can make a complaint and ask if the OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) can inspect the premises. If you do not want your boss to know it, was you that raised the complaint, you should tell the OHSA when you contact them. 

What if the Accident already Happened?

Claiming compensation after an accident is more complex that you might think. There are 16 steps of a workers compensation lawsuit in California, for example. You shouldn’t try to handle this on your own. If you are in an accident at work and it was not your fault, you should seek legal guidance. However, you should seek help and you should not just forget about the problem. Your injuries could cause you long term pain or a lengthy recovery. If you want to recover properly, you may need help with your medical bills. Your employer has a legal obligation to help you pay for it if the accident, illness, or injury, was their fault.