HackersTent aims to provide all hacking services ranging from phone hacks, database hacks, email hacks  to custom hacks (i.e. whatever personal hacking needs you have).  


Parental Oversight  

The majority of parents recognize the importance of monitoring their children’s activities. However,  while you may have given them an iPhone to keep in touch with them, the gadget may also expose them  to a variety of other possibilities that you may not have anticipated. For instance, your children may be  subjected to cyberbullying, or you may suspect that they are online hanging out with the wrong crowd.  Monitoring your child’s online activities is one of the most effective ways to keep an eye on them and  ensure their safety. Because you can do it without interfering with their online activities, you can keep an  eye on them without betraying their trust.  

Employee Observation  

These monitoring systems can be used by an employer to keep track of their employees’ activities,  especially if they are using business devices. When you suspect your employees are exchanging firm  information or secrets with unauthorized parties, you may need to monitor them.  

Hire a hacker to catch cheating spouse  

Infidelity has been around for as long as marriages and relationships have existed. A lot of people who  suspected their spouse or partner of infidelity used to resort to hiring a private investigator. However,  that has changed significantly in recent years due to technological advancement. You can now easily get  evidence of infidelity by spying on your spouse or partner’s cell phone. It is therefore no wonder people  are turning to professional phone hacking services contact us via email: [email protected] or visit  www.hackerstent.com 

What can HackersTent do for you?  

Without knowing the Apple ID password, HackersTent can monitor all iPhone actions. It means you can 

connect onto the online interface and see all of the target’s text messages, phone history, camera  photographs, and more. Another cool feature of the HackersTent service is that you can follow the  phone’s position in real time. As a result, if your child or employee has the gadget on them, you will be  able to track their location at any time of day. You can also get an email when the GPS location changes,  so you know when your child or employee leaves a specific region.  

Call monitoring – hear and listen to the call at the same time as it is in progress.  SMS monitoring – view all message details such as the date, time, content, recipient, and  contact number.  

Social media access: Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and WeChat may all  be readily monitored.  

Keylogger: See what the phone’s and other apps’ security passwords are with a keylogger.  Multimedia files are monitored- you may look through the phone’s gallery or file manager to  see what’s on it.  

Call recording– records the call so that you can listen to it later.  

Using a GPS tracker, you can keep track of your location in real time. Ambient speech recording captures  the ambient sounds in the area  

Our services also include:  

hack an iphone remotely  

hack an iphone without touching it  

hack an iphone without having access to it  

hack an iphone with phone number  

hack an iphone with icloud credentials  

hire an iphone hacker