Here’s What EMS Agencies Should Look For In Patient Care Reporting Software

Electronic patient care reporting software (EPCR) is an essential tool for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies. With the right software, EMS agencies can improve patient care, increase operational efficiency, and streamline administrative tasks. 

EPCR software like iPCR helps EMS agencies capture, store, and analyze data related to patient care. It can also help organize patient information, track patient outcomes, and create reports for regulatory compliance. 

By choosing the right EPCR software, EMS agencies can ensure that they provide the best patient care possible. 

This article will discuss what EMS agencies should look for when selecting EPCR software. We’ll cover the features and functionality essential for ensuring the best patient care, as well as tips on choosing the right software for your EMS agency.

NEMSIS Compatible

The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) is a nationwide system that collects, stores, and analyzes EMS data. NEMSIS is used by a variety of organizations, including medical researchers and public health authorities. 

Since EPCR software is used to collect and store EMS data, one of the first things EMS agencies should look for is NEMSIS compatibility. 

NEMSIS compatibility ensures that your EPCR software can integrate with other NEMSIS-compliant software. This will reduce the hassle of switching software and allow you to use your PCR software with other software used in your EMS agency, such as dispatch software. 

EPCR software should be able to automatically send data to NEMSIS or allow the EMS agency to manually upload data. This is important for ensuring that patient data is up-to-date and accurate.

Cloud Storage

One of the most common ways EPCR software stores data is by uploading it to a cloud storage system. 

Cloud storage systems allow EPCR software to store data online, which gives agencies access to the data from any computer. This is especially useful when agencies have multiple sites or cannot keep their data stored locally.  

Automatic Report Generation

One of the main functions of EPCR software is to create reports. 

PCR software allows EMS agencies to report the number of patients treated, the types of calls, and the outcomes of those calls. EPCR software also allows agencies to report additional information, such as toxic substances, weather, and other public safety data. 

This is important because it allows agencies to report data more frequently. This can be especially useful if your EPCR software is integrated with NEMSIS. You can automatically create reports showing the number of patients treated, their outcomes, and additional data.

Automated Data Collection 

One of EPCR software’s main functions is collecting patient data. This data can include information about the patient’s current condition and medical history, as well as the patient’s vital signs. 

Once the data is collected, it needs to be stored in a system that can be accessed by the rest of the EMS agency. 

Integration with Dispatch Software

Most EPCR systems have integration capability with dispatch software. This allows the two systems to exchange data, which allows the dispatch software to access patient information. 

This helps dispatch software more accurately and efficiently complete tasks, such as sending an ambulance to the right location. It also allows the EMS agency to organize patient information better, split up workflows, and track progress.

Tech Support

One of the biggest concerns agencies have when investing in new software is how easy it will be to use. EPCR software can be extremely complex, and it’s important that agencies be able to use it easily. 

So, when selecting EPCR software, you should look for a company that offers excellent tech support. That’s because EPCR software is an investment that will last years. Choosing EPCR software that is easy to use now will make it even easier over time. 

A company that offers excellent tech support will ensure its software is user-friendly and easy to understand, even for those who have never used EPCR software.

In Conclusion

Patient care reporting software has become an essential tool for EMS agencies recently. It allows agencies to efficiently document patient encounters, track performance data, and identify trends in patient care. 

With the right EPCR software, EMS agencies can streamline operations and provide better patient care.