Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour
Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour

The beautification of hair is one of the desires of every woman. Today, even large populations of men are willing to create an excellent presentation with attractive looks in hair. But, due to pollution and other factors, people are getting gray hair at a very young age.

As a solution to premature graying of hair, the manufacturers of beauty and hair products are making the natural hair color that is free from all types of chemicals. 

When it comes to natural hair colours, there are a variety of options for you. If you’re in serach of a natural way to color your natural locks, then this article is for you! We will discuss the best natural hair colour and how it can be used as an ultimate way of beautification.

How many types of natural hair colour are there?

The natural hair color is the natural pigment that develops in the hair shaft. All natural colors are produced from a mixture of three pigments, just like any other natural coloring system: melanin (black), eumelanin (brown) and pheomelanin (red). The natural color of human hair ranges through shades of brown to black, with some lightening or darkening along the way.

Organic Hair Colour 

– Natural Hair Colour 

– Permanent Hair Colour

How does natural hair color help in the beautification of hair?

Natural hair color comes out from a natural process in which manganese dioxide and hydrogen peroxide are mixed to synthesize the natural pigments. These natural pigments form different colors, depending on the arrangement of molecules within each strand. 

Organic hair color works by disrupting this natural order with a semi-permanent dye that stains your existing pigment. The outcome is either black or brown organic hair color when applied at home instead of conventional chemical dyes that offer no health benefits whatsoever – they can even cause cancer.

Natural Hair Color does not contain any harmful chemicals such as ammonia, resorcinol, parabens & PPDs (which are present in permanent & demi-permanent artificial dyes). It’s free from these hazardous ingredients and is gentle to your hair and natural scalp.

With natural hair color, you can achieve the color that best suits you or cover those gray hairs with a shade closest to your natural hair color. It enhances the beauty of natural hairstyles by adding shine & depth without damaging it in any way.

What is an organically natural hair colour?

Organic natural hair color is the recent trend of natural beauty. People are opting for organic natural hair colors, which have no side effects on the body.

Organic natural hair color is the recent trend of natural beauty. People are opting for organic natural hair colors, which have no side effects on the body.

– There are different ways to get natural and Organic Hair Colour such as henna dyeing etc., but today let’s talk about fantastic herbal products that you can use at home to give your natural touch of beauty without any harmful substances. 

You can try this amazing damage free Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour, it has no ammonia & no hydrogen peroxide, also vegan & cruelty-free.

We all know Henna has been used for ages by women across generations to revamp their appearance with a new trendy look. But there’s a lot more than just using ‘Henna’ or going under laser treatments or chemical dyes available out there in the market for this! 

Benefits of organic colouring

“There are many benefits associated with organic coloring like it looks perfect, sustainably produced, etc., but people must be aware that it can damage their skin if applied without any knowledge.”

There are a variety of colour ranges available in Indus Valley- Hypoallergenic Aqua Hair Colour, 100% Organic Hair Colour & Spa, Grey Defence Hair Colour & Gel Hair Colour. Every Colour has its own speciality but one thing is common in every hair colour is, they are filled with the goodness of herbal ingredients.

– There are natural ways of hair coloring that you can use at home without any side effects. Organic natural hair color is the new trend, and it does not cause damage to your skin or scalp if used properly.

People should be aware of organic natural hair colors because they can sometimes cause harm when misapplied. This type of product causes no damage to the body, unlike other styles such as chemical dye, etc.. Still, some precautions must be followed while using this kind of a coloring agent on your head i.e – always read instructions before applying for best results, and avoid getting into eyes & ears during application..”