Here’s How You Can Prevent Data Breaches in Your Company

We have been hearing a lot of news about data breaches taking place in organizations. Usually, small-scale organizations are more susceptible to data breaches and data thefts as they have fewer resources to protect their data against hackers. On the other hand, bigger organizations have better cybersecurity so they are less vulnerable to cyberattacks. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be hit by data breaches.

It is not difficult at all for hackers to get access to any company’s vital information. The data breaches range in size and scope. Once an organization is hit by data thefts, it can suffer serious consequences. Many companies follow and implement cybersecurity tips to protect their data from breaches.

Some of them believe installing a phone spy app on their employee’s device can help them keep track of their activities. That way they can easily detect the resentful and dishonest employees who can be responsible for leaking the company’s data to competitors or outsiders.

In this article, we will talk about how you can prevent your organization from facing a data breach. Let us discuss some proven ways to prevent data breaches from occurring at your organization.

Limit Access to Company’s Valuable Data

Gone are the days when every employee in the company had access to all the files stored on the computer. Now, companies have become more vigilant because they are only limiting access to valuable data.

There is no reason for each employee to have access to the company’s vital information. It is important to limit access to the company’s data to only fewer employees so that you can prevent the company from experiencing data theft. Limit access to the company’s data to only trustable employees.

Educate Employees on Protecting the Data

Another proven way to protect your company against a data breach is to educate your employees on the importance of protecting the company’s most valuable data. You need to explain to your employees that they need to avoid all sorts of risky activities while they are working in the office.

They need to avoid downloading movies or songs from unknown and malicious websites. They also need to avoid clicking on an unknown link that they might receive through an email. Unknown links can often lead to malicious websites where hackers can easily access the data stored in your computer and steal all the important information. Hackers are always looking for the data that is extremely vital to the company; therefore, employees should be careful with handling that data.

Move the Company’s Data to Cloud Storage

Many companies have an adequate information security team that helps protect the company’s important and confidential data from hackers and cyberattacks. Even if you have such a team at your disposal, you must consider moving the sensitive information to a cloud server.

A cloud server will do a better job in protecting the company’s important data against various risks. It can protect your company’s confidential data against cyberattacks in a much better way than your information security team. Therefore, it is important to get your hands on a reliable and effective cloud provider.

Use Strong Passwords

Many people have the habit of using easy-to-remember passwords for all their accounts. They also use the same password for all their accounts so they can remember them easily. However, this is a highly wrong practice. Your employees shouldn’t be using easy passwords for their accounts because they can be easily hacked by cybercriminals.

You must make sure all your employees are using complex passwords and they are maintaining different passwords for different accounts. All passwords must be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. They must also contain special characters and numbers. Only then a password becomes complex and cannot be easily guessed by the hacker.

Install a Spy Phone App

We cannot stress the importance of deploying employee monitoring solutions in the workplace. If you install phone spy software on your employee’s computer, you can be aware of their online activities and know what they are doing and how they are handling the company’s data.

You can also install a spy phone app on your employee’s smartphone and keep a check on their smartphone activities. You can know who they are chatting with, who they are exchanging emails with, and what sort of websites they are accessing on the internet. In case you feel your employee is attempting to share the company’s vital information with a third-party, you can immediately intervene and prevent that from happening.

Therefore, deploying phone spy apps and employee monitoring solutions in the workplace is essential in today’s digital age.

Encrypt and Backup the Company’s Data

Another important step to prevent your company’s data from data breaches and cyberattacks is to encrypt the sensitive data stored on your devices. Even when you are transmitting the data, make sure it is encrypted.

There are many free and commercial tools available to encrypt your company’s data. Some operating systems also provide encryption services so you can also use that. Even if you’re not sure whether you want to encrypt some data, it is recommended to encrypt it. Encrypt all the data that is stored on the company’s devices.

Once data encryption is done, make sure you create a backup of the data. Many companies fail to create backups of their data and that’s one of the biggest mistakes that they can make. Many companies do not realize this mistake until they lose the data to cybercriminals and hackers.

Update Software Frequently

It is recommended to keep  all the operating systems and application software in the workplace updated regularly. All companies should practice this approach and ask their employees to do the same. Whenever patches are available for particular software or program, make sure to install them. When you leave programs and software unpatched, they can become more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

You also need to patch the programs and update them regularly to secure your company’s network.  The good thing is that Microsoft is now offering a product called Baseline Security Analyzer that regularly checks to ensure all programs and applications have been patched and updated. This comes across as an easy and cost-effective method to solidify your company’s network and prevent cyberattacks before they can occur in your company.