Here’s How to Make a Crazy Fashion Statement by Wearing Lacoste Shoes in India?

A pair of shoes that are stunning and comfy is what most of us fancy!

Shoes give a final touch to all our attires. Picking up the right pair lifts you and adorns your personality.

Lacoste, best known as a blend of comfort and luxury, is a choice of many. It is among the earliest international brands to enter the Indian market. Lacoste’s amazing footwear collection has been styling generations since 1933. The simplicity and versatility of the Lacoste shoes make them a perfect fit for all occasions. You can choose your favourite pair from a wide range of shoes available for men and women of all ages.

But remember!

There’s always a need for the most fantastic outfit to pair up with your Lacoste shoes. However, the styles are changing with time, and you need to be constantly updated to match the contemporary fashion sense. Yet, if you still follow old-school fashion trends, you definitely need to know some crazy and quirky trends that will make you one of the many. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get an edgy style with the Lacoste shoes.

Choose your Perfect Fit

Lacoste shoes are bright yet comfortable. Embellish your formal and informal with the Lacoste sneakers. The loafer style suits both sets and adds elegance to your attires. The cushy and classy Lacoste shoes provide a safe grip and save you from the busy day sores. Its modish designs make it a go-to option for official meetings and crazy bashes. 

Select apt colour combinations

The Lacoste shoes have both bright and subtle color schemes. Lacoste leather and textile sneakers and trainers are classic examples. Their glaring colours can be a game changer when partnered with some dull or dark outfits. It gives you a funky and casual look that will pull off the old-time fashion and add some change to your informal occasions.

Classic designs for formals

The brand prioritises luxury with comfort. So, choose a retro-style shoe to empower your formal attire. Lacoste straight-set sneaker is a mark of class, style, and durability. The pair goes best with denim jeans, pants or suits, and formal wear. Selecting subtle colour Lacoste shoes will work amazingly well with these decent outfits.

Go for greyscale colours

The Lacoste shoes have extended varieties of greyscale combinations. The colours are simple, nuanced, and classy. The evergreen all-white tennis shoes have a surprising ability to transit from day to night, making them a versatile option. You can match the pair with any outfit and complete your casual, office, party, or sporty looks.

The sporty selections

Lacoste’s unmatchable sporty collection date back to the time of white tennis shoes in the 1930s. However, the brand widened its scope and now has the best options to complete your fitness looks. The cool Lacoste shoes, when coupled with sportswear, trek suits, or sweat pants, add up to your comfort and style. The vibrant colours keep you active and add uniqueness to your personality. 

Build your own style

Lacoste has never-ending options to upscale your glances. It helps you build your own style and be ‘out of the crew’. Choose one of your kind and pair it with your favourite wide pants or bell bottoms. Selecting the Lacoste shoes that match the colour of your top or the outfit adds elegance and class to your busy days. On the contrary, going for bright colors will create a crazy informal look that gives perfect street style and party looks.

Summer Slay Scheme(SSS)

Go for Lacoste’s easy slip-on and strap slides to radiate your summer look instantly. Whether it’s a Goa vacation or a visit to the coastal areas, the Lacoste shoes will perfectly fit with your colourful shorts and skirts. A wide range of colour and style options with the Croco symbol add a sense of uniqueness and luxury to your carefree looks. 

Final Say

Walk in style with Lacoste’s dapper footwear collection and slay your everyday looks. The brand is a rare fusion of style and comfort that helps you build a personal style by mix-matching its expanded collection with the most adorable outfits. Lacoste shoes have a long history which defines their growing reliability and trust over the years. It is a choice of millions as it has a space for all. Although an international brand, it takes excellent care of the Indian seasons and makes its designs accordingly. The fine fabric makes it durable and enhances its longevity. Lacoste shoes can even get people crazy for you when paired with the most suitable attire. It’s not an over-exaggeration, as following the right fashion trend will lead your way.

Make a new trend by emulating these little tips and tricks and witness the most significant lifestyle changes yourself!