Cryptocurrency is for Everyone

If you are new to cryptocurrency, you must be confused about whether it is worth investing in or not. If this sounds familiar, you are here at the right place.

Let us talk about the potential benefits of investing in cryptocurrency and other crypto projects, such as the RHOC Coin at Coin Culture, without further ado. 

Now, without getting too technical about it, the basic thing to know about cryptocurrency is that it is a digital means for paying for services and goods – both online and offline. While cryptocurrencies are a bit volatile, they are still quite beneficial when it comes to using them to pay for both products and services, online and offline.

Here are the essential benefits of investing in cryptocurrency:

No Bank Charges & Lower Transaction Fees

What happens in traditional business dealings? You will have a bank, a broker, or an agent as the ideal middleman, charging different fees when buying or selling things online – even when you conduct electronic transactions.

Understandably, the high transaction fees and unnecessary back charges can be annoying. The thing about cryptocurrency transactions is that these are essentially one-to-one dealings, which means that these occur on a peer-to-peer network structure, sans the middlemen.

You know who exactly you are engaging within the one-to-one transaction. Most importantly, the transaction fees are either immensely reduced, or the fees are eliminated. However, it is important to mention here that if you are using a third-party app or service to maintain your cryptocurrency wallet, there will be some small external fees.

More Confidential Transactions

With all types of traditional transaction systems, there is a risk that your bank information might become available to certain third parties during the performance of certain transactions. Usually, when you make transactions, your transactions are recorded under your transaction history by your respective financial institution – and if you are the type of person who doesn’t want their financial transactions recorded, then this is definitely not an ideal situation for you.

Enter cryptocurrency!

While credit card transactions operate on something known as a “pull” system, cryptocurrency operates on something known as a “push” system. This aspect indicates that when you, the cryptocurrency holder, make a crypto payment or transfer payment via cryptocurrency, you only “push out” the information that is relevant to that peculiar crypto transaction.

Since no other information is sent out, you will make much more confidential transactions, making you less prone to identity theft and fraud.

Everyone Can Access Cryptocurrency

Anyone with a computer, smartphone, and internet can send and receive cryptocurrency, so the digital currency is especially beneficial for people who don’t own an active bank account. If this sounds familiar to you, but you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can create a cryptocurrency account and start making financial transactions today!

Aside from whatever cryptocurrency app you use to maintain your wallet, you will be using a peer-to-peer network structure, enabling smoother transactions and accountable interactions between the selling and buying parties.