Helping people to reach their destination – ALEU

As people often state, beauty lies in the journey, not the destination. However, the reality is that reaching your intended destination isn’t easy. It takes time and perseverance, and sometimes, you can get lost along the way. So, it’s safe to say that people sometimes need a helping hand to help them achieve their goals. No one understands this better than Monte Williams, an executive coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Monte Williams is a national public speaker who believes every problem in the world can be solved by investing in people. It makes sense because humans are the most valuable asset for any organization or corporation. His career has spanned over fifteen years, during which he has built multiple high-performing teams, mentored countless employees at various levels, and generated millions in revenue. 

In addition, he has built a stellar reputation for himself by working with the world’s pre-eminent best leaders to unlock their potential and help them deliver the best results for their employees and organizations. He also helps them deliver best-in-class experiences by unlocking every customer journey touchpoint while consistently identifying new ways to create scalable efficiencies sustainably.

Accruing numerous accomplishments has propelled Monte to become a thought leader in his industry. As a result, this dynamic individual has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, American Express Business Class, and numerous other publications. Currently, he is the Global Head of People for F. Schumacher, an interior design firm that is over a century old. But his resume is incredibly stacked and deserves more praise because he has also worked as the former Vice President of Customer Experience at Avocado Green Brands. 

Thus, his experience has helped him identify how to get the best out of people. He wants to impart his knowledge and wisdom to others to help them become better leaders. 

Monte Williams attended Duke University and has a BA in Psychology and Religion. Then, he attended Felician University to obtain his MBA. His career trajectory has been incredibly impressive thus far. But the crowning moment of his professional career came in 2019 when he started ALEU – The Leadership Development Company. 

The company aims to help people lead themselves more effectively so they can add the most value to their environment. So regardless of where you’re headed on your journey, they can help you reach your destination. ALEU focuses on four areas: leadership development, executive coaching, workforce readiness, and organizational architecture.  In it’s 1st 3 years, his company has doubled in revenue each year.  

His work in developing leaders has brought him considerable recognition, allowing him to do two TEDx talks in 2020 and 2022. Similarly, Silicon Review, a noteworthy magazine, also recently named him one of the 30 Most Inspiring Leaders. Moreover, widespread recognition also helped him write and publish his own book called, Get in The CAR – The Keys to Sustainable Leadership. It aims to answer the age-old question: how does one become a good leader?

However, that’s not where the road ends for Monte Williams. He has grand ambitions for the future. He is blessed enough to know his driving force in life – inspiring passion through the leadership of self and others. He wants to continue influencing and transforming leaders by expanding his business, creating online training courses, writing more books, and doing more speaking engagements. It all ties in well because this is his calling in life.