Helping athletes and executives achieve fast and long-term results by establishing healthy eating habits

It’s no secret that your nutrition affects your physical performance, as evidenced by professional athletes spending time and money on ensuring they fuel their bodies with the right food. However, most people overlook the importance of nutrition on mental performance. Professional athletes aren’t the only ones who need proper nutrition to function at their best, and that’s what Ann Claiborne wants to highlight for the entire world to see. 

An army veteran who served her country honorably for over a decade and served overseas in Mosul, Iraq, with the 101st Airborne division, Ann has lived an interesting life. She was raised by her mother, a dietician, who always stressed the importance of nutrition, even when she was young. Besides that, watching her mother work helped her learn important lessons that would prove crucial later in life. Her mother’s influence is apparent as she obtained a nursing degree and multiple certifications in post-partum, sports, and performance nutrition.

Anyone knowledgeable about fitness will tell you that the real battle doesn’t happen in the gym, whether you’re losing or gaining weight. Instead, it occurs in the kitchen. You can’t outrun or out-cardio a bad diet. Unfortunately, that’s the message that many people miss. As a retired fitness competitor who won the 25th Arnold Classic in the 2013 figure division, Ann Claiborne wants to help people perform their best. She brings decades of experience to the table because she also served as a nutritionist for the army’s World Class Athlete Program at the army’s Olympic training center for all Olympic sports. This opportunity also allowed her to work alongside the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. 

While her mother undoubtedly served as an inspiration, Ann also had a vested interest in fitness and nutrition as a lifelong athlete. She grew up dancing and competing. Moreover, she was a cheerleader during her younger days. However, her interest in fitness and nutrition grew after she graduated from college and transitioned into the business world. She quickly noticed how one’s energy was equivalent to the fuel they poured into their business ventures. She realized that eating better makes you feel good and perform well, resulting in greater focus, performance, and longevity.

Today, Ann Claiborne is a celebrated and certified nutritionist, health expert, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She’s the founder of Customized Concierge Nutrition. The company is an all-inclusive, white-glove service that handles all things health and nutrition-related for professional athletes and C-suite executives, allowing them to be at their best while freeing valuable time that lets them focus on their core competencies. 

Customized Concierge Nutrition begins the onboarding process by performing a complete medical assessment. Then, its team of dieticians, nutritionists, hormone therapists, and functional nutrition specialists create a customized nutrition plan based on those findings. The organization also hires a chef or a meal prep company to ensure clients get freshly prepared food delivered to their homes or offices timely. Apart from that, each client has access to a round-the-clock nutritionist they can call or text with queries or concerns. The company also handles all dietary and nutrition needs when clients travel.

Ann Claiborne’s success has led her to become renowned as “the fixer” in the professional sports and entertainment world. Agents call her when players get injured or struggle to make weight. Similarly, her phone’s constantly blowing up with calls and messages from celebrities who require help bulking up or slimming down for roles. But that’s not where her expertise ends. She’s also helped multiple high-performing executives improve their game by taking care of their nutrition needs. Her latest venture is also set to introduce the importance of nutrition to the legal world, allowing lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals to bring their A-game every time.