Helpful Tips to Study General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

In India, the government conducts myriad competitive exams to sieve adept personnel for different job positions. The exam syllabus and pattern of every competitive exam differs in one way or another. Candidates mainly stress on giving their best in the section of quant and reasoning. Usually, the general awareness section is the most neglected or it is left to be prepared at the end. Without a doubt, general awareness is the most scoring section in the competitive exams. So, gain proficiency over this section and improve your overall score in any competitive exam. 

If you are going to appear for the upcoming bank exams 2021, it will consist of the general awareness section. Make sure you make enough efforts to prepare for this section. General knowledge is a vast subject. It’s hard to decide from where to start. Generally, we’ll find a huge amount of information to memorize. Since, you can afford to miss any important topic, here we have provided guidance on how to study this section. 

Here are some helpful tips to study general awareness for competitive exams:

  1. Read newspaper

Reading newspapers is an excellent way to prepare for the general awareness section. It is suggested to follow two or three newspapers daily. This is a wise way to keep an eagle’s eye on what’s happening in your surroundings. Try to read one newspaper in your mother language and another in english language. Some of the best english newspapers are ‘The Hindi’, ‘Tribune’, ‘Economic Times’ etc. It is vital to dedicate at least an hour to reading a newspaper. It can help you find all the important information that can be asked in the exam. Moreover, this knowledge can help you a lot during your personal interview. 

  1. Follow a monthly magazine

Apart from reading a newspaper, the next best alternative is to follow a monthly magazine. If you find reading newspapers as a boring task, then this is the best option for you. Purchase a reliable magazine that contains all the important news of the month. Read every meticulous detail mentioned in that. There are many reliable magazines that can help you such as pratiyogita darpan, competition access etc. So, these magazines can help you a lot while preparing for the general awareness section. 

  1. Follow reliable news channels

We all love to watch television, why not use that for your betterment? Watch some reliable news channels daily to brush up your knowledge on current affairs. Pick a suitable time for yourself in a day to watch some knowledgeable programs on news channels. Additionally, don’t forget to watch breaking news and headlines. Here is a list of some basic shows that can help you improve your general knowledge:

  • Sessions of Lok sabha and Rajya sabha on Doordarshan 
  • Prime time shows with feature programs on BBC news, NDTV and other news channels.
  • KBC quiz show. 

So, make your learning interesting by following some informative programs on television. 

  1. Make notes 

Excellent trick to retain theory is by preparing notes. Write everything that you find useful, it will help you keep record of everything you learnt. Moreover, writing while learning is the best way to memorize. You can create pointes for vast information. It is advisable not to rely on notes provided by someone else. Instead, prepare your own notes. These notes can help you give a bird’s eye view to every information during the last preparation hours. Therefore, you’ll prepare relevant revision material while making notes. 

  1. Take help from apps

Mobile phones are part and parcel of every student’s life. Instead of getting distracted by it, why not load it with apps of information. There are numerous current affairs apps that can polish your knowledge on general awareness. The best part of downloading apps is your phone will ping as soon as the news is released. Additionally, these apps upload daily quizzes that can polish your knowledge. You can upload the most reliable app on your phone. Also, you’ll find apps for various newspapers as well. If you don’t want to read a hard copy of a newspaper, download those apps on your smartphone.   

  1. Don’t skip static G.K.

In the haste to have strong grip over, sometimes candidates skip to prepare the static G.K. Note that you’ll be asked many questions from static G.K. as well. By static G.K. we mean some things that don’t change. Here is a list of topics that come under static  G.K. :

  • Awards and honour
  • Everyday science
  • Countries and their capital
  • List of cabinet ministers
  • Countries and their currency
  • Indian Economy 
  • Physical Geography
  • Constitution
  • Important days etc. 
  1. Solve mock tests

Mock tests are generally sample papers that are structured as per actual exam pattern and syllabus. Solving them can help you simulate the experience of exams. Moreover, you’ll be able to assess your ability in this section. It can aid in making improvements in yourself. You can solve at least three to four mock tests each day to refine your knowledge. This is the best way to reduce the risk of negative marking in any competitive exam. 

There are a number of job notifications released by the government of Punjab. This is a fruit bearing chance for the youngsters of Punjab who want to start their career through Punjab government jobs. To get a government job, every candidate needs to crack a competitive exam. They can attempt enough mock tests to practice exam questions. 


Securing a government job in India is no bed of roses. Candidates need to go through various phases of the exam and appear for a personal interview. The most scoring section in the exam is general awareness. It’s a bit hard to prepare for this section as you have to cover humongous topics. To help candidates on this, we have provided suitable tips to study general knowledge for competitive exams. If you aim to score high in this section, go through these points thoroughly.