Healthy activities for 1-3 years old activities

When we talk about parenting, we see parents contribute to their maximum to nourish their child. It generally links to develop a sense of responsibility. Parents give the best possible training to their child in order to make their child civilized. According to relation advisors, parents should stay away from divorce to keep the children motivated, healthy, and away from problems. 

This process of learning from guardians goes throughout a child’s life. It starts on very early age of a child. Here we say the parents’ attention is required all the time and their focus should be maintained all the time. As we have said this process of teaching and learning starts at very early age, so parents’ contribution is needed when the child is only few months old. Here we are going to discuss some of the healthy activities that a guardian can arrange for his child at home. These activities can prove to be budget friendly and effective for the mental health of a child. Since we are going to talk about the healthy activities for children, our target is 1-3 years old children.

Here the first step that a parent should take is to start conversation with the child and start developing the bonding then makes him habitual of listening and speaking to you. This will enable a child to obey you and pay attention to your words as soon as you call him. This will be helpful for you in terms of training your child.

The very first thing a parent should do is to ask them keep things at their place. You should not let them create mess around. Tell them to play with toys and put them in the same basket where you took them from. This will activate their body and their muscles will become stronger.

Secondly, you ask them to collect different colors of fruits and name them then eat them. Here you see, we are teaching them two different things which are color names and fruit names. This will force them to use their mind and it will increase their vocabulary also.

Thirdly, sports can be a very good and enjoyable source for the activeness of your child. Some games like football and cricket can be arranged at home. This will involve them physically and their joints will become stronger. Here you can ask them to do similar things like cleaning the garden, picking up all the fallen leaves, and throwing them into the basket. They can also water the plants which will strengthen their grip.

Fourthly, fitness activities are ideal for children like jumping, jogging, and stretching. These are considered to be the best activities for children of 1-3 years old.  These activities make their joints efficient and active.


Lastly, cheap but healthy activity for the children of 1-3 years is mini painting competitions at home. Parents can arrange paint colors and hard boards and ask their children to play with colors and make some characters. In addition to this, parents can admire their work by giving them little rewards. I will highly recommend you to check out if you are looking for some modern and different ideas related to parenting. 

Parenting is very important for the proper growth of the child. So, he/she can be confident and successful in every field of life.