Has Live Streamed Game Caught Poker Player Cheating?

iGaming has gained popularity across many types of games but none more so than Poker. Particularly live poker games that are broadcasted online on the internet. These tournaments can now be watched live by fans all around the world thanks to advancements in technology. However, one drawback is that cheating techniques have also advanced and lately, we witnessed an interesting situation where viewers were actually able to catch a player cheating.

Caught During a Livestream by Fans

Many poker tournaments such as The World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour are being live-streamed across the world. This means that fans can always tune in to watch a game, and learn new tricks and tips on how to improve their play.Now, the nonstop broadcast of The World Series of Poker captivated everyone’s attention, not just because it was a great game, but because of what seemed to be suspicious activity. Poker fans think they may have caught a cheater – a professional player’s alleged usage of a hidden device during a high-stakes table game.

On September 29 at the Hustler Casino Live game, Robbi Jade Lew, a rookie to the game, shocked the poker community by going all-in with a Jack high to win the $269,000 pot. Her opponent Garrett Adelstein, a seasoned poker player, accused her of cheating by using the hidden device,  a ring that vibrates to indicate that she has the best hand.

Robbi Jade Lew has categorically denied these allegations but since Robbi Jade Lew displayed her winning cards, keen observers now believe they may have spotted a key clue in the developing scandal.

How the Alleged Cheating Was Noticed

The pleasant conversation at the table abruptly ceased when the hole cards were exposed, and Adelstein simply gazed at Robbie Jade Lew for well over a minute. One spectator remarked, “It’s literally the most distressed face I’ve ever seen Garrett give.”

Robbie Jade Lew started to fumble with the rings on her right hand, including a striking round, red ring on her middle finger, as she clearly became uneasy. She lowered her palm to the table’s surface and turned or slipped the ring off, exposing only the ring’s huge setting.

Adelstein had the seven and eight of clubs, whereas Robbie Jade Lew held an offsuit Jack-four in the hole throughout the entire hand. Garret Adelstein only needed any club, jack, or 6 to complete a flush or straight for a virtually definite triumph because the flip revealed 10 hearts, 10 clubs, and 9 clubs.

Robbie Jade Lew responded by calling Garret Adelstein’s $2,500 wager at this point, and neither player benefited from the turn’s three hearts. Adelstein placed a $10,000 wager, which Lew noticed and increased to $20,000. Adelstein then bet the entire amount of $129,000.

According to live odds from the broadcast, Garret Adelstein had a fifty-three percent chance of winning at this stage, with just one card still to be shown. Robbie Jade Lew stunned the broadcasters by calling the all-in wager after briefly crossing her arms and toying with her chips.

Adelstein has appeared on the Hustler Casino live stream more than fifty times and has earned $1.6 million. Lew, on the other hand, has made just two appearances and has earned just over $100,000. As a result, it was not surprising that different poker players and viewers had different opinions of the entire incident.

After the incident, Lew gave Adelstein his winnings back. Some poker players defended Lew’s decision, while others contended that she was a novice who was coerced into it. Lew’s claim that she was simply the victim of a series of awful events that happened that night has received a lot of support.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that there are strict rules in the game of poker, the players’ tactics do vary.  As the game continues to gain popularity and the prize pots grow, new players will join in the poker craze. It is impossible for a game of this magnitude to be devoid of controversy and cheaters. As both Robbie Jade Lew and Garret Adelstein place the responsibility on the other, it is unclear what the outcome will be.