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The Happy birthday banner is one of the great additions to the birthday party event. 

Birthday is one of the special days for a person, and birthday banners are used to show your appreciation for that person to make them feel social. The banner is highly effective if you want to highlight a specific person’s name.

You can make the banners independently, but getting them from professional creators will be fun and festive. Whether you celebrate your friend’s birthday or a family member, nothing in the decoration shouts out happy birthdays more than the customized birthday banners. 

Birthday banner with balloon arch 

It’s time to kick off one’s birthday party with appealing banners and creative decoration ideas. Birthday balloons of various types are the staple ingredient of a birthday event. You can make a colour scheme of helium balloons or an arch of red, pink, black, and gold balloons. Besides making this arch, you can place the party banner in the black space between this arch. 

Party banner garland

There are many ways to make use of birthday banners. Besides displaying the banners on the back wall, you can make garlands of these banners. These eye-catching garlands are the perfect match for the birthday event. You can write wishes on these banners or alphabets to display “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” wishes. 

Banners with a flower bomb 

Above all, a flower bomb is a very appealing and impressive way to delight your guests. The addition of colorful flowers will change your party theme from plain to enchanting. Fragrances of flowers impart a soothing and refreshing impact on your guests. Flowers also add beauty to your birthday decoration. You can choose the specific themed flowers to give your guests an idea about your choice or interest. 

Types of happy birthday banner

1- Airplane birthday banner 

Suppose you are going to host a birthday party for your child who has a keen interest in aeroplanes. You can choose aeroplane birthday banners to make the birthday memorable and happiest for that person. Moreover, you can select a single-layer banner or a triple-layer banner. 

2- Foil balloon birthday banner 

These birthday banners are a significant investment to celebrate the birthday of many groups or group members. These birthday banners add a 3-D effect and shine to the event. You can buy the ready-made birthday banner or choose the individual letters to make the banner on your own. Moreover, you can change the alphabetical order to create a new word or template. 

3- Rainbow birthday banner 

The next category of reusable birthday banners is rainbow birthday banners. The colored banner is a must-have for all the parties that will be held in the future. From babies to adults or boys to girls, you can use this banner for everyone and as many times as you want. The idea fits perfectly for any themed party because of the combination of various colors in the banner. 

4- Circus theme cloth banner 

The fabric-themed circus banners are made from colorful printed clothes and strips of different colors. The name or message is held by the printed or embroidered piece to enhance its appearance.

Besides using these banners at the birthday party, you can use them in other events rather than your birthday event. The idea is widely uses in both adult and children’s birthday party celebrations. 

5- Shaped banners 

You can hire our services to design your banner in your favourite character shape. Party Corner is the best place to alter your happy birthday banner ideas into reality. We make the banner cards into your desired shape and write down the birthday on them. Each part of the shape will carry a single letter, and together all will send a birthday wish to the birthday person. 

6- Food birthday banner

Another idea you can use to get an attractive birthday banner is a food theme. The idea is a perfect match for food lovers. You can choose the shape of different foods and tie them all in a string.

Besides choosing the food item, you can select the color theme to enhance the appearance of your banner for your birthday party event. You can paste the pictures of individuals or can add the group pictures of that person. 

7- Photo birthday banner 

The most popular banner type is the photo birthday banner. Each banner piece consists of one picture of the person in this type of banner. The banner will make a series of photos of the birthday person. 


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