Hair surgery is getting popular among men due to its super excellent results. With the advancement in technology, every impossibility is turned into a possibility. Natural hair regrowth is one of the possibilities now. Science has introduced many effective methods for natural hair growth. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the most famous, pocket-friendly, and successful method which is being practiced at Hair palace. To check Hair transplant cost.

Hair palace is considered the number one place for hair transplantation. Here, specialists use a special method for natural hair growth. FUE method is being applied here on patients.

What is the FUE method?

Follicular unit extraction is a modern innovation that enhances one’s confidence and hair growth without apparent surgery marks. It is a natural method in which your hairs are being used. Basically, hair follicles from the back and sides of the head are taken, examine, cleaned, and then again transplanted on the head where existing follicles have died. After the surgery, the hairs will fall off first and then grow naturally.

Why FUE is better than other methods?

FUE is better than all other methods because of the advanced techniques used in it. This is how FUE is better than other methods:

Lowest failure rate

Hair palace uses the FUE method because it is the most effective and reliable method of all time. It is suitable for everyone and the surgery failure rate is almost negligible, can be considered zero.

Least visible

The best part of FUE is that it is not visible. It means that no one can detect that you got a hair surgery because the hair grows naturally and does not leave any visible marks that can highlight the surgery.

Least risk of complications

Other procedures may cause drastic problems but FUE can’t. The reason behind this is that despite it’s a medical process still it helps in natural hair growth. That is why it’s not problematic. Redness, temporary allergy, and temporary pain are the little complications that you may face after the surgery.

Recovery in few days just like a magic

FUE takes five to seven days to get recover from the surgery. The side effects mentioned above also will remain for a maximum of a week. With proper and medication, a person gets to recover with a speedy recovery.

Looks natural, not artificial

You read it right! It’s a natural process and you would not regret having hair surgery because it looks so aesthetic when you got your new hair, new natural hair!

Hair surgery Cost

As far as the cost of hair surgery is concerned, the prices may vary from place to place. £3-4000 is the average price of hair surgery. It can be up to £15000. Hang out, you don’t need to worry. Hair palace offers much more for you with keeping the quality of hair surgery on the same high level.

Certain factors decide the cost of hair surgery. Let’s have a look:

Factors affecting the cost of hair surgery

The instruments being used, equipment, machinery, electricity bill, medicines, accommodation of hospital bed till surgery and checkup are the minimal charges that you should consider. Despite that, the most important factor which exactly indicates the cost of your hair surgery is the number of hair or grafts you need to implant on your head.

What are grafts?

The natural growth of hair in a group is called follicle unit or graft. One graft may contain 2-3 hairs. The graft ratio is the number of hairs a graft contains on average. The graft ratio may vary from person to person. In one case, 1500 grafts may contain 2000 follicles. In another case, 1500 grafts may contain 3000 follicles. Therefore, it may vary from person to person due to certain factors including:

Age factor


Hair growth and health


Hormonal changes

Honestly speaking, the more you need grafts on your head, the more costly it will be for you.

How much Hair Palace costs you

Hair palace offers hair transplantation in 3 places: Paris, London, and Budapest. The price depends on how many grafts you need but the prices are low in Hungary as compared to the UK. In London, the Hair palace charges £1989 for 1000 grafts and £9042 for 6000 grafts.

If you want to get pocket-friendly yet high-quality treatment then the Hungarian capital, Budapest would be the best choice for you. You can reach there via plane. The environment is secure and safe and you will enjoy the English-friendly service there. The experienced staff ensures the best experience for you.

Hair Transplant finance facility by Hair palace

If you can’t pay the hair surgery dues on spot. Hair palace gives you the facility to pay it in milestones. You can activate a finance package. It is like a loan which you can pay on monthly basis.


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