Guide to Sky Exchange for Beginners

Sky Exchange is a site for gambling. However, since there is not a lot of information available online about it, let’s do a deep dive into the casino and find out how to play on the site, and how good it is. This is a guide to Sky Exchange for beginners and advanced players alike. 

What is Sky Exchange

Sky Exchange is an online casino and sports betting portal designed for Indian players. Its parent company SkyInfotech holds a Curacao license. The website claims to be the biggest betting exchange in India, and promises quick deposits and withdrawals. They also seem to allow withdrawals through Gpay, which is illegal. They provide login information through Whatsapp, Telegram and other sources. Payments are also made in the same way. Sky exchange has both a website and app to play on. 

Unfortunately, Sky Exchange is not a very reliable website, and the gambling community doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the site either. There are multiple complaints against it in forums, none of which really get resolved or answered to. It also is not a site that holds up that well against the numerous online casinos that provide games and betting for Indian players. Many of these sites are also official sponsors for cricket teams and events. 

Unlike Sky Exchange, these sites like Betway, Casumo, and others also offer big welcome bonuses. Not only that, they are very transparent about their promotions, and lay out important information about their operations. Information on the legal aspects and their terms and conditions is almost impossible to come by on Sky Exchange. 

Skyexchange has been reviewed by where the experts suggested that the site needs to be handled with care. It is probably best for beginners to gambling to skip this site, and choose a site that lays out all the information required on the website. 

What Sky Exchange offers players

Sky exchange is an interesting website that allows many kinds of betting. It also says that it is India’s biggest cricket betting exchange. They have many kinds of cricket events showing on their website that are usually not seen on other sites. 

You can find events like Inter-provincial 50 over cup, county championships and more. Of course, you can also find events like the IPL on the site to bet on. As of now, Sky Exchange offers only Cricket, Soccer, E-Soccer, and Tennis for betting.

Other than sports, Sky Exchange is made fun by other things that you can bet on. This is a platform where you can bet on the share market. You can also bet on the prices of different commodities going up or down such as Gold and Silver. Players can also bet on elections among other international events. 

They also have a live casino, where most games seem to be by The casino seems to have poker, Andar Bahar, and other popular Indian games and they all seem to be provided by KingMaker. There don’t seem to be any games by well-known gaming providers such as Net Ent, Evolution Games, Ezugi, or others. 

How to sign-up and play on Sky Exchange

To sign up on Sky Exchange, when you click on the sign-up button, you will be redirected to a site that gives you phone numbers to contact them on Whatsapp and Telegram. Once you send a message saying that you need an ID, they will get in touch with you.

They normally ask for a minimum amount as a deposit before they give you any log in details. Their website says 1000 INR, but when we got in touch, they asked for 500 INR. 

If you would like to play without paying just to see how the website works, you can ask for a trial ID, though it is not entirely sure that the ID works on the same site. 

However, they don’t give out trial IDs to everyone, and are apparently dependent on availability. 

To withdraw your winnings, you need to text the same person who gave you the ID. They are known to ask for details to verify your earnings and complete KYC. However, there have been some complaints on the internet that claim that they ask for extremely sensitive documents such as credit card details, which legal sites do not. They normally ask for cards that prove identity such as driver’s license, passport etc. To prove your earnings, you might be asked to show your credit card statement with your name on it, but never card details and other sensitive information that can be directly used to steal money from you. 

Problems with Sky Exchange

The first, and probably the biggest red flag that goes up is that when we search for Sky Exchange on Google, a large number of near-identical sites pop up. They all have different domain names, and different security certificates. The landing page looks exactly the same, down to the licensing information, making it impossible to figure out which the real site is. In fact, even on, clicking the links on the landing page takes you to other sites, those without any mention of licenses and registrations. 

A second issue that rings alarm bells is the parent company. The site claims to be a company started in 2017. However, despite being online for such a length of time, the website seems fairly unfinished. Many links simply direct users to a page that simply says “sorry no data found”. More alarmingly, it doesn’t mention SkyExchange anywhere on its site. It mentions other websites and casinos however. The site also does not really delve into their operations, and what it is they actually do. All in all, the website itself is dicey. 

The third issue that should concern players is Sky Exchange’s insistence of sending log in details through chat apps. You cannot simply put your details on the website, you will have to text one of the numbers given, to get an ID to play online with. This is incredibly problematic because you are also expected to send your deposit along with sensitive information such as your card details before you get your login details. On most websites, customer service executives do not contact people directly, and they do not ask for such details, even for KYC. 

This is because the company keeps your identity and other sensitive information with them, secured in such a way that customer service providers cannot reach them without a paper trail that’s protected by law in case of any misuse. This added to the fact that each sky exchange website has different phone numbers information available, it becomes truly suspicious as to who you are sending money to. Plus, in case of any discrepancies or issues, you cannot technically contact lawful means since you didn’t directly interact with the website, but with someone on Whatsapp. 

When they were contacted moreover, they seemed fairly unprofessional and rude and did not give their information, which on legal sites is recorded in case legal issues crop up in the future.


All in all, Sky exchange doesn’t seem to be a safe site. It also seems to be putting up a lot of misinformation on the site, along with a lack of any actual information about the business and the casino. The casino works through third party dealers and is just untrustworthy as a whole.