Guide to Making A Viral Video

Do you dream of achieving success in your viral marketing campaign? Creating a video for social media marketing is easy. However, will your video go viral? You can consult professionals for Video Production Miami FL, and learn about the ways to make your video viral.

What Type of Social Media Videos Can Go Viral?

A viral video is something that spreads quickly over the web world. You may post your vidеo on any platform,  such as TikTok,  YouTubе,  Instagram,  and Twittеr. 

If you want to incrеasе thе chancе of making your contеnt viral,  you can crеatе

  • Funny videos
  • Prank videos
  • Challenge videos

How to Make a Viral Video?

We have shared some tips for making your video viral.

Consider The Latest Trends and Current Events

If social media users are talking about the hottest issues, you can create a video on it. You may also search for the latest trends on Google News and other sources. 

Ensure That Your Video Content Is Awesome

There are no strict rules on the content format that will make the video viral. Many videos on digital platforms perform well. Still, you should make your content unique so that it will increase the craze for your video. 

Leverage Benefits from Influencers

If you have partnered with a prominent influencer, it will be easier to make the video content viral. The influencer will share your video with his vast audience. But, the most challenging thing is to build a relationship with a famous influencer and gain his attention. You can send email and deliver a message via social media. 

Thus, the best strategy will be to network with macro influencers. Nurture your relationship first before making a request to post your video for a viral campaign. 

Add an Element of Humor to the Video

We have already said that funny videos have a chance of going viral. Many people like to laugh when they scroll through the social media pages. That is why you can also create funny or ridiculous content for a viral video. You will easily be able to gain the attention of your target audience. 

Make Your Video Content Controversial or Shocking

Some video creators do not dare to create controversial content. It is because the audience may criticize the content negatively. The comment section will be full of negative comments.

But, if the video sparks a strong emotion, viewers will naturally like to share it with their friends and contacts. 

Add More Visuals to The Video Content

An average internet user has a very short attention span. So, you should choose some amazing GIFs or bold images to make viral videos. Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and several other platforms give more focus to visual content. 

Create Bite-Sized Videos

The best trick is to create a short YouTube video and use high-ranking keywords. It will help you create a viral video.

YouTube Shorts is a newly introduced feature, and the algorithm of the platform promotes short videos effectively.

Make Your Video Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the featured image of the video. If it is highly compelling, it persuades the target audience to click on the play button of your video. You may edit the color or other aspects to draw the viewer’s attention. 

Besides, you should insert subtitles into the video to make it accessible to several viewers. Moreover, the videos need to be arranged in the playlist for the convenience of viewers. 


These are some important tips for making viral social media videos. You can also work with a video production company to create your video and promote it on various platforms.