Women’s fashion is one such thing that witnesses cyclical trends, yet some fashion trends stay. One such thing is leggings. Thanks to the internet, one can purchase leggings online now. Everyone wears this skin-tight piece. Besides being a part of a dress, the leggings rule the gym and party looks.

activewear leggings have maintained their space because there are so many varieties. Even if a plain legging is out of style, a new style or a new material will come up to take its place. With so many legging styles, one can easily match their t-shirts, dresses, etc. They can be paired with vibrant scarves, decorated jackets, and bulky robes. They are loved because they are not only stylish but also comfortable.

Types Of Leggings

  • Ankle Length

 Also known as full-length leggings, they terminate at the ankles. They can be paired with tanks, short Kurti, jackets, etc. You can match them with high-rise shoes or heels to create the illusion of long legs. They can be found in various colours and fabrics.

  • Knee-length

These leggings are suitable for a gym look as the length is apt for such workout sessions. Usually, women wear it when going for a workout at the gym or for classes like Zumba, Cardio, hiking, etc. It allows flexibility and yet does not cover full legs, which give people ease of movement.

  • Mid Calf

These leggings are also known as ¾ leggings as they end between the knee and ankle ( ¾ legs are covered). They usually are paired with two looks: Long shirts and high heels or short tops with flip-flops or shoes. These leggings are also known as capri pants.

  • Foot length

These cover the entire legs with feet. The look is like a mix of leggings and socks. These are usually used for belle dancers and can also be used as thermal wear during winters.

  • Ripped Look

One of the contemporary clothing items trending in fashion includes ripped leggings with small cuts and rips. These distressed bottoms are a perfect fit for an informal outing. Pair it with oversized sequin tops or solid plain shirts to spice up the look.

  • Coloured

These leggings are a mix of two or more colours. While they look pretty appealing, an issue is finding the right top for them. If the top is plain, the leggings might stand out way too much, and if the top is vibrant, it might not match the tone of leggings. One should purchase a top together while purchasing these leggings online. V-neck shirts look great with these.

  • Different Material

There are various materials from which legging can be made. One can choose from leather, woollen, nylon, cotton, etc. Usually, it is a flexible fabric, but there are other options now.

Leather leggings are very stylish and give a significant enhancement to the look. It has been worn by many celebrities in various movies and is classic, elegant, and shiny. Woollen leggings are preferred in regions where the temperature is cool. Theseleggings, while looking stylish, protect your body. These leggings are comfortable and available in various colours.

Nylon leggings are one the most popular types of leggings. They are durable, light, and elastic. Moreover, they don’t wrinkle easily. 


Most online stores have almost all varieties of leggings, making it convenient for women to choose from. They have become a staple item in a woman’s wardrobe. It has become so popular because you will always find something that goes with it. With a plethora of options available online, one can easily purchase them.