Guide to Choosing the Right Boat Cover Fabric

Aussies not only have a love affair with the great outdoors but with so many of us living near the coastline and other majestic waterways, boating is a very popular pastime in this country. For those who own a boat, need to perform some upgrades to their boat or are looking to buy a boat, there can be a lot to consider.

This article is going to be focusing on the right boat cover fabrics for marine use, an important component of any boat that is often overlooked and not given much thought as compared to some other boat features.

What Will the Marine Fabric Be Used For?

The answer to this question could determine the type of material you decide on for your boat cover fabric. Will the fabric simply be used to cover up a small boat to protect it from the elements while it’s moored or sitting in the driveway? Or will it be used to provide an area of shade on board the craft? The latter will require a fabric that’s been purpose-built to handle all marine conditions, including long exposure to the sun and salt air, won’t tear in strong winds and is also waterproof.

Flexibility in the boat cover material is also an important consideration, as materials used onboard to provide shade are often extended and retracted depending on the needs of the occupants at the time. Some boat cover materials are combined with a transparent PVC to act as flexible windows when the boat cover is fully deployed. Something else to consider.

Some Marine Fabrics To Consider

You could opt for an all-purpose marine fabric such as Jetty, which can be used successfully for practically any marine purpose. Some people even put it to use to make strong and durable umbrellas. Jetty comes in many fashion colours, so you’ll find a colour that’s to your liking. It’s crafted from a solution-dyed polyester that is UV treated, is waterproof, has antifungal properties and it can even be printed on.

Docril Nautica is another quality marine fabric that is also very versatile. Once again, there are quite a few colour options to select from. This is another solution-dyed material, in this case acrylic, and it is slightly heavier in density and fabric weight than the Jetty one mentioned before. Once again, it’s resistant to mould and mildew, has been UV treated, is highly-resistant to bacteria growth and known for its longevity in marine conditions. Docril Nautica is extremely robust in all conditions and highly-resistant to rot.

Jetty Plus is another marine fabric in the Jetty range. However, this fabric has been more specifically designed to be used as either a boat cover or a cover for the car. In fact, you can use Jetty Plus as a UV treated covering for practically any outdoor purpose. It’s a lightweight material that’s both waterproof and has antifungal properties to keep it looking nice, as well as being low maintenance.

A good choice for creating windows for your boat covering is the Glacier Crystal Clear PVC. It’s a medium to heavy grade PVC that is perfect for marine applications. Its low shrinkage properties mean it will maintain its integrity and the material is so clear and easy to clean that it’ll be like looking through glass. Definitely one of the best choices of clear PVC for marine use.

Finding Boat Cover Fabric Suppliers Near You

Aussie boaties are very much spoilt for choice, as there are marine suppliers of every kind all around the nation. The same applies to boat fabric suppliers, so perhaps the easiest way to locate one in your area is to go online and do a search. Try:

Just add your location in the search queries and you’re bound to find a quality marine fabric supplier somewhere nearby. Or, if not, you might be able to make an order online.

The Takeaway

Having the right boat cover fabrics for your vessel is just as important as any other part of the boat and a quality product is vital. So, take some time to choose just the right fabric from a reputable marine fabric supplier.