Wedding Ring

When you are set to walk down the aisle in a few months to a year, you will probably be busy preparing everything related to your wedding day. Most brides will be very involved in the planning, trying to make everything as perfect as possible throughout the preparation period. They will manage all decorations to their taste, their wedding gowns to perfection, and most importantly their wedding rings that will symbolize the vows of forever that they will make in front of all their wedding guests.

Your wedding ring, compared to your dress and the decorations for the ceremony, will be worn almost all the time on your finger which makes it all the more important to find the pear shaped halo engagement ring that will suit you the most. Your search for the perfect wedding ring might still be in the works but to help you be more organized throughout the process, here are some tips to make the task easier while planning out everything else:

Start your search early

Looking for your wedding ring should be done early in your wedding preparation process. This should be done because it can quickly get lost in all your other wedding needs, which will prompt you to settle for something less. By starting early, you can have enough time to be picky with the design and can even go for a custom ring that could take months before it is ready. This should ensure that you are getting the best one for you and your partner without getting a headache as you worry about the other wedding decisions to be made.

Stay within budget

Apart from the venue, the gown, the food, and everything else, you will also have to pay some serious cash for your wedding ring. So it is important to set a budget specifically for the purchasing of your ring and stay within that budget to avoid skimping on other preparations for your wedding. After all, you wouldn’t want an expensive ring for a shoddy ceremony. The budget for your wedding ring should also include that of insurance, especially if it costs a lot and will prove to be a financial loss if damaged or misplaced.

Play within your personal tastes and interests

Of course, you will want to find the ring that suits your taste and overall style. Your wedding rings can be anything from classic plain bands to eccentric and unique accessories. Small gemstones may be added for a bit of bling while others will go all out with huge stones as statement pieces. Some people will also go for something more personalized with themes matching their likes and interests such as Disney wedding rings, fairy-themed rings, and others with engravings of names, phrases, and even fingerprints. No matter what kind you choose, do think about how taste and personal aesthetic can change with time. This will influence your present choices so that you will reduce the risk of regretting the rings you’ve chosen for your wedding.

Practicality and grandeur

The beautiful appearance of the ring you choose will always be there to be admired by you and the people around you. But practicality should also be considered especially if you have a unique lifestyle that can be influenced by what you wear on your hands. Delicate rings with thin bands and dainty stones may not be the best fit for those who are a bit clumsy and tends to lose small belongings. Giant stones and bulky bands may also not work for those who have jobs that require them to be very hands-on in their tasks.

Remember your engagement ring

If you will also be wearing your engagement ring stacked on top of your new one, you should consider how your wedding ring will look beside it while ring shopping. Depending on how you want them to look on your finger, different styles of wedding rings will give different effects that you can choose from. This is also where you will have to look at the kind of metal that you want as may clash or complement the other ring.

The tips should help you find the ring that you will adore throughout your marriage. These rings will put immortalize your love for each other and connect your lives forever. But your ring will not look pristine until the end of time. It will receive scratches, dents, dirt, and oil buildups that will dull its beauty over time which is why you will have to think about cleaning it every so often.

Depending on the metal and gemstones on your ring and how often you wear it, the cleanup may be done more frequently than others. You may opt for cleaning it yourself at home or having it professionally cleaned to ensure that it is done properly.