Gripeo – an honest review: How to ruin the reputation?

The review portal was founded in 2014. According to thoughtfulness, every user can leave feedback about his own experience. Also, the developers promise that these reviews will get into business through social networks. 

Very simple and at the same time, a brilliant idea. After all, to many customers there is a request to connect to business, about what goods did they acquire or which service they did receive. 

The site guarantees that no feedback or review will be changed. And it also indicates that the platform provides impartiality, that the content is factual, unprejudiced

At the same time, in the conditions of GripeO service, there is a clear indication that the precious content can be edited, and the resource is not responsible for any damage that the information may lead to the service.

That is, everyone can place any response, regardless of whether this is true. And GripeO can change data and does not bear responsibility, as reported in the rules for using the service.

About GripeO LLC

According to Bloomeberg, the service was established in 2013. By type of activity, GripeO is a Software & Tech Service company. In fact, it provides services that cause a direct negative impact on reputation and business.

There is no positive feedback on the platform, it does not exist. The main orientation of GripeO is to accommodate and distribute negative reviews and rates.

On the platform, there is not only questionable feedback from users, but also their own authorship investigation-materials without authorship, without registration, without references and without comments from the figures of those investigations. And the fact is made up of evaluative judgements and without objective evidence. Here are some examples that can be seen on the Expert Reviews page of the platform: 

GripeО about Alexander Miller & Associates 

The key complaint and call not to trust the company and its founders is based on the following arguments. For example, GripeO has decided that the lack of detailed explanations on the company’s website and all its participants, positions it as a potential fraud. Because of that, such conclusions are absolutely incomprehensible. 

In addition, in the material it is argued that: “Findings suggest that Alexander Miller Associates has narcissistic leadership”. What studies have been conducted and how GripeO came to this conclusion, is also not explained. 

The authors emphasize the fact that positive feedback about the company is fake. And does not provide any evidence of such an assertion.

Instead, there is a screenshot of negative reviews that allegedly were published on the network, without references and a sense of understanding where they are located. Frankly, such images can be done on a laptop screen. 

And mainly, about who the author and expert in this review is, GripeO is silent. Although the review is set out in a format “I post”. 

The material can review with a reference and draw conclusions of expertise and objectivity of data.

Gripeo about Robbins Plastic Surgery – Botched Surgeries & Irresponsible Staff

In the review, as in the previous, the key argument against plastic surgery clinics is that there are screenshots of reviews without references and visual features on which platform they are located. So, it is impossible to even establish if they are really genuine. 

In addition, the material in the form is an estimated evaluation, and set questions on the specialist of the clinic. And also that review does not contain any recalls about actions, and also has spots containing certain factors, based on which the reader himself determines his own conclusions. 

Regardless of this, GripeO from the first sentence sets the question and itself answers it, creating therefore a pressure on the reader. 

Gripeo: Should you go to Robbins Plastic Surgery? No.

It completes the review rating score of Robbins Plastic Surgery. According to the GripeO version, the clinic has no positive characteristics. So, there are two questions: Why did GripeO not list positive feedback, that also exists? How can a clinic in the USA exist without positive cases?

For a comparison sample, some evaluations about the surgery are found through Google.

GripeO about The Real Jay Berkman, Fraudster/Pedophile

The material about Berkman is very impressive and has nothing related to reviews, feedback and specially to experiences. It consists of many references to different resources. Half of those links do not work. 

If the reason for the report on the questionable reputation of Berkman in the role of a broker can still be explained, the accusation of pedophillia is generally unclear and uncomprehensible. 

In the material itself it is mentioned about a valid place of work “Berkman – JLC Group”. Maybe GripeO had the desire, in this manner, to put pressure on this company. A link to the review page contains a mention of “Senahill-Partners”. Although the material about the company is not mentioned. 

GripeO is a reputable ground for creating fakes

By reviewing the materials on the GripeO website on the eye, it falls first in the range of visual reviews. There it barely exceeds 100 reviews. For example, the material with a loud heading about Berkman has at the time of writing this review, 4 views in 2 months. 

That’s it, coverage and direct benefits for the audience are minimal. Also, there is a completely no interest for advertisers, given the low metrics from coverings and visits to the site. Then, at what costs does the company exist?

The SEO optimization of GripeO and also the Technical Parameters of the site allow you to display the materials on the first results of a Google search.

Try to find Jay Berkman or any other figures listed in reviews in the search engine.  

There is almost a 100% possibility that you will find a link to The materials are well indexed and deform the reputation. Of course, companies and persons have the desire to remove those materials. 

At the network site there is a message, in which it explains that it can be done for some money. In particular on r/Scams one of the users left a comment, where there is the request from the GripeO for US $ 8 thousand for the extraction of the publication. You can find that comment on sabredit.

If you want to prove your innocence, GripeO will ignore you 

To review feedback on the service, contact other analogue platforms, and compare them with GripeO.

It turned out that the rating of the service is extremely low. Compared to analogue services on GripeO, there is almost no activity. 

In the network can be found a large number of similar “negative review” platforms that speak about this scandalous GripeO. And yet, we do not make any final conclusions. We just show the facts. The final decision to trust, lays in each one, independently. 

But one can clearly say about this, that, after several years of silence and the sale of the domain, has completely changed its philosophy. And turned from Start Up with interesting ideas, into a black Public Relations site.