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DoubleClick began as a stand-alone company that provided ad delivery facilities in 1996. Since 2009, Google Ad Exchange, often referred to as ‘Google Adx,’ has served both publishers and media buyers on both ends of the environment. When Google purchased DoubleClick in 2007, it acquired the entire company’s assets, along with the newly launched DoubleClick Ad Exchange. The objective was to pull together publishers, advertisers, and agencies so that everyone could profit from the advertising sector. DoubleClick has continued to grow, with the addition of DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Google’s Ad Exchange drew millions of suppliers and buyers over a decade, becoming the most significant scale and income generator. When we looked at hundreds of our publishers, Google (Adx) came out on top as the most prominent demand partner, accounting for more than half of overall programmatic income.

Like other ad exchanges, Google Adx is a platform that allows bidders to compete on a pool of ad impressions in real-time. However, unlike AdSense, the Google Ad Exchange technology is not easily integrated into a website. Such that, unlike Google’s Ad Server platform, i.e., Google Ad Manager, a publisher cannot reach the Adx. (Google DFP). As a result, having an account with Google’s Ad Server is required to use Google Ad.

SSP (Supply Side Platform):

An SSP (supply-side platform) assists digital media owners and publishers automate the sale of digital ads through programmed auctions. SSPs optimize the yield of advertising space stock on websites and mobile apps to reduce wasted space and increase views. DoubleClick Ad Exchange was named the best SSP publisher in 2018 by Total Media. “Adx surpasses the rivals by linking publishers to the world’s leading stock marketplace,” according to the research.

How to get started with it?

Starting with it can be difficult. To begin, it requires a minimum of 5 million monthly visitors and additional requirements. After that, a publisher must create a Google Ad Manager account and await affirmation. Advertisers can, therefore, gain access to Adx by collaborating with a Google Certified Publishing Partner (such as AdPushup). (Can we mention AdSparc’s MCM partnership?) Publishers can also use requirement collaborators provided by their GCPP in addition to the Adx global market.

How does it work?

On it, you may participate in three types of auctions:

An auction that is open to the public: The auction is accessible to all publishers and advertisers, and the bidders remain anonymous. It’s the most common sort of auction.

The auction will be held privately. Publishers individually approach a small set of advertisers, offering them ad space on their site. The publishers are not unknown in this scenario, and their brand and identity significantly impact the success of secret bidding.

This is the preferred option. In this method, publishers offer an advertiser a contract directly, giving them unique stock access before going to a secret or public auction. Marketers can then pay a greater price to obtain a position on publishers compatible with their brand or have higher conversion rates than in an auction procedure.

Maintaining and improving this account is more complex than managing and optimizing an AdSense account. It necessitates the use of a firm, an ad ops team, or at the very least qualitative research.

This ad exchange’s strategies can have a significant impact on ad income. Setting the base rate too high, for example, may cause marketers to disregard your website in favor of cheaper rivals, resulting in a drop in profits.

Generate Greater Returns:

Because the revenue from digital advertising is dependent on so many variables, it’s difficult to propose a single platform. Animation did a study in 2017 using data from 400 websites that concluded that it would earn more incredible money.

Why choose Google AdX?

It is a programmed or legitimate auction ad exchange. It has the potential to increase earnings for publishers, but it takes greater attention and focuses or the financial means to pay a third party to handle their ad operations on their behalf.

It is only available to recommended publishers with at least 5 million monthly visitors, as determined by Google. Publishers having enormous audiences are exposed to the world’s most prestigious marketers, who are prepared to spend substantial ad expenditures on highly frequented sites. It is the environment for you if you have extensive experience in the technology and advertising industries and the tools to get the most out of it.

Eligibility Factors:

This is, without a doubt, one of the most asked questions, however, there is no conclusive answer. Google has not revealed the minimal eligibility criteria for Google Ad Exchange. Having stated that, we are aware of who is ineligible.

1. Your material should be written in one of the supported languages.

2. You should keep a file called ads.txt on your server.

3. You should have information that is safe for your brand.

4. You’ll need a Google Ad Manager account to get started.

5. When users engage with the site or complete an activity, you should not have any pop-ups or redirects.

6. Avoid scrapers and don’t host plagiarized material.

7. Bots should not be used to increase ad impressions and, consequently, profits.

8. Illegal connections should not be used to purchase low-quality traffic. Because of their poor performance, Google purchasers are unlikely to buy your ad impressions, and in the worst scenario, you’ll be barred.

The key reason to add Google Ad Exchange (AdX) is to increase your revenue. With Adx, you can set minimum prices for various ad positions on your site, access numerous ad networks, and gain more flexibility and preferred deals.

·  Payment terms: NET 21 days

·  You should see a 30% – 45% uplift in your existing revenue

Are you looking to integrate Google AdX demand into your monetization stack? AdSparc will administer the Google application process for you, and during the process, we will provide guidance and direction. Once your website is live, AdSparc will constantly optimize the AdX demand to maximize your return. If you need any help, reach us anytime.