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Gold vermeil jewelry is one of the best pieces of jewelry in gold. It is very easy to confuse when you visit the market of golden jewelry, and it becomes very difficult for you to decide which one you have to select for yourself?

It is because of the same appearance of gold vermeil jewelry and simple plated jewelry from the outside.

But now you are thinking, why are we discussing gold vermeil jewelry here if both are the same? So you need to know about gold vermeil jewelry because both have a lot of differences. There is a lot of difference between the duration of their survival.

Brief Intro about Vermeil

“Vermeil,” used in gold vermeil jewelry, means Gilded Silver. So the gold vermeil jewelry is a high-quality gold coat coated over a bar of high-quality sterling silver. Here is a common scale of measuring, the 2.5-micron thick layer of gold with a weight of 10 kg is coated over the desired product.

Here is the precaution; the gold thickness, according to the government, is just 1.0 micron. In a piece of normal jewelry, gold is used five times lower than gold vermeil jewelry. So we can estimate the lifetime of gold vermeil jewelry compared to normal plated jewelry.

The silver alloy used in gold vermeil jewelry is also of higher quality than the normal ones. It prevents the solid gold from splurging.

Here are some features of gold vermeil jewelry.

  1. The gold vermeil jewelry easily matches your skin. There is a very low chance of mismatching. 
  2. Normal jewelry discolors your skin, or part of the body-but gold vermeil jewelry does not do so.
  3. The gold vermeil jewelry brands are the most popular in gold markets. So these gold vermeil jewelry brands provide the best luxurious look.
  4. The gold vermeil jewelry wholesale products are cheaper than the other simple gold products.
  5. The rose gold vermeil jewelry is one of the biggest choices of people because it also does not have a skin allergic nature compared to normal gold plated jewelry.
  6. It also has a more solid gold look in itself.
  7. Gold vermeil jewelry’s important and beneficial feature is its long-life product. It will survive for years.

Final Words

So if you want to buy golden jewelry, then vermeil gold jewelry is the best option. There are a lot of gold vermeil brands with 14k gold color, which are stronger and solid compared to all of the other jewelry.