Gold Investment As A Hedge Against Inflation

Even though articles about inflation are trending on social media, most people still don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. Let’s say that an apple costs one dollar at the moment. There are two people that want to buy it, and they both have the same amount of money, which is one dollar.

If suddenly, both of them had double the money, then the price of the apple will increase too. That’s because there is still one apple in the experiment while the number of dollars has doubled. This automatically increases the price.

This is the simplest example of how the free market works. In the free market, buying and selling happen every second, and that’s how prices are formed. Governments want to take control of the free market because that’s how they can have more power. For that reason, they try to meddle with it as much as it allows. Click here to find out more.

One of the worst mistakes that we’ve made as a society is to allow fiat currencies to come into existence again. That’s a mistake that has been repeated throughout history plenty of times, and economists still think that they can think of something new that will make things better. That never happens, and hard forms of money always win. Here’s why the dollar is reaching the end of its life as we know it.

International debt

Most people think that banks are filled with money. That’s not the case. In the United States, a bank needs to have 10 percent of the money that it can issue out. Let’s say that you have a hundred bucks, and you deposit them into your account. Since the bank has more money, they can now give out 900 dollars of loans to other people.

The new money can be justified because the person who’s taking out the loan will repay it in the future. It’s a system that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Well, most of the central banks in the world are filled with pieces of paper that state who owes who a specific amount of money and with how much interest. Follow this link to find out more

One economist has a great explanation of the financial world. Mike Maloney gives a great example that will definitely help you connect the dots. Consider a big space that’s filled with all of the ministers of the United States economic machines. The most important people that run the central banks, Federal Reserve, Treasury, and the people in suits that are running through Wall Street.

Then, imagine even more people from other countries from the same institutions. They’re all printing checks and writing that someone owes money to someone else, and they’re throwing those pieces of paper to each other. That’s the current state of the financial system of the world.

No one actually has money, but they pretend that they do. That’s why intelligent investors are running away from bonds and are turning to precious metals. Ever since the first implementation of fiat, things have been going downhill. The only true supreme form of currency has been gold. The best way to keep it is in a gold individual retirement account throughout your working years. It always has, and always will be. 

How to get gold?

There are plenty of places where you can get gold, but you should be wary of a scam. A hundred years ago, you couldn’t fool anyone with fake gold because everyone measured the weight, volume and tested the sound before completing a transaction.

Now, people have been distanced from this metal for quite some time, and you might not get what you’re paying for. Because of that, it’s important to find a trusted vendor that has a long history of being honest and transparent.

At the moment, the best choice is to get bullion. If that’s out of your price range, start with an ounce, and then move your way up. A lot of people consider coins, too, since they have numismatic value. However, when it comes to trading and easy selling during a crisis, investment-type assets are much better.

Having a part of your portfolio locked up in a stable asset is the best thing to do if you want to create a store of value. For that reason, every economic crash can be handled if you stockpile precious metals during times of security.