Going RAW: A Guide to Buying RAW Products for Your Lifestyle

The RAW Brand isn’t just about making the best rolling papers in the game in the most authentic fashion. It definitely is that of course. But, RAW is just as much about the lifestyle.

So, we’re happy to say you can buy RAW products right here that represent what the good herb means to you and yours. 

Whether that’s a classic rolling tray to keep your rolls neat and on point, a pack of stickers to jazz up wherever you’re smoking, or a RAW floormat for your home or business – you can get down with that RAW life in loads of ways. 

The Classic Rolling Tray

Ripped tips, flower spillages and other rolling mishaps all over your floor or desk? Get yourself a classic RAW rolling tray friend.

Sure, you could use any old book or whatever you have lying around. But nothing says you’re a prepared and functional smoker like whipping out a stocked RAW rolling tray when you have guests. 

Its slight bowl design also prevents tipping spillages. And it uses smooth material to stop sticky herb from staying put when you don’t want it to. 

There’s even a cute little mini pin version for denim jackets, or pinboards. Or anywhere you want to make a subtle statement to those who know! 

Be an Old School Playa with RAW Dominoes or Playing Cards

When you and the crew next have a smoke, bust out the RAW playing cards for a few hands and lighten up any jam.

Or, for an old-school smoking sesh, you and the homies might enjoy putting down a few dominoes. Complete with classic raw branding and case. Loser rolls up next?

The Sublime Sunday – RAW Wake and Bake Coffee Cup

OK, so we had to feature this one. It’s a RAW branded coffee cup, that you can smoke out of. Absolutely, yes please. 

Elevate your weekend wake and bake game, or any day really, with this ridiculous but equally awesome piece. 

Simply roll up a cone, fit the filter tip into the socket, and light it up. Hit from the bottom, sip from the top and repeat for a top start to your day!

The Ridiculous – Raw Inflatables 

So, if you’re having a party or event and you just have to let everyone know that you’re a top smoker, we’ve got you.

RAW have sent us a selection of completely outrageous inflatable joints, for personal use or for a stage show or festival set up etc. 

You can even get an inflatable cone that stands upright, lights up at the end and waves about in the air – perfect to bring curious customers to any stall selling RAW products.