A few years prior, two designing understudies from Berkeley planned a noteworthy gadget that could cool the air by utilizing just WATER!

From the start, nobody accepted that this could work. Notwithstanding, soon enough a US-based organization put resources into their thought and that is the manner by which Gogo Aircooler was made.

With over 1.5 million units sold, Gogo Aircooler is correct now the most well known air cooler on the planet!

Gogo Aircooler is neither an ordinary AC unit nor a fan. It’s a progressive gadget that joins moderateness, adequacy and premium quality.Want to find out additional?

Need to find out additional? Our group tried Gogo Aircooler and these are the outcomes. Does it truly worth the publicity?

Meet Gogo Aircooler – the casted a ballot #1 cooler of 2021

Gogo Aircooler is a keen gadget that cools, cleans and saturates the air normally by vanishing unadulterated water.

In spite of customary AC units, Gogo Aircooler is 100% compound free and doesn’t utilize freon. Cool, wet air is conveyed uniformly and delicately.

On the off chance that air conditioner causes you to feel wiped out and bleary eyed, here is the reason. These older style units simply cool the air around you and make it dryer and dryer. Runny nose, bothersome eyes, dry mouth, sore throat… Every one of these are side effects that your air needs dampness.

Gogo Aircooler is a 3-in-1 gadget that turns hot, dry and terrible quality air into new, cool and clean air ― ok for you and your family to relax.

What’s more, Gogo Aircooler is 100% remote and super versatile. You can convey it wherever with you and move it from one space to another. You can even utilize it outside, in your vehicle or even while voyaging or setting up camp!

Because of its energy-saving engine, Gogo Aircooler devours low energy and it’s really quiet! This way you can leave it running the entire night with stressing over high power bills!

How can it function?

Gogo Aircooler is not difficult to-utilize, doesn’t need any unique establishment and maintainance.

Simply pour water, select one of the 3 cooling modes and there’s nothing more to it! You should simply charge it when the battery runs out. You can change the air temperature to suit your inclinations with the completely movable computerized indoor regulator.

Fitting its USB link in your PC, versatile or a divider attachment and Gogo Aircooler will completely charge rapidly.

Not exclusively does the Gogo Aircooler makes the air around you as cold as you prefer, it additionally cleans it completely. You don’t have to purchase new channels, simply wash the ones that accompany the gadget.

We attempted it and this our survey

What we saw from the first occasion when we took Gogo Aircooler in our grasp is the means by which costly the materials feel. It’s anything but a sharp gadget that has premium quality and the plan is perfect!

Gogo Aircooler is shockingly lightweight. You can in a real sense convey it with you any place you go. I utilized it in my office, directly close to me on the end table during the evenings, even on my overhang!

I was somewhat hesitant from the outset as I was unable to envision that a little box like this could be this amazing! Gogo Aircooler refuted me.

Indeed, even from the main minutes, it’s anything but a colossal contrast. The air was incredibly cooler as well as its quality was route better than anyone might have expected.

Dissimilar to customary fans and cooling units, Gogo Aircooler adds dampness to the air to forestall your skin, eyes, and nasal sections from drying out and getting aggravated.

In case you’re having children, you will truly see the value in this element! Mine used to experience the ill effects of hypersensitivities and asthma and AC just exacerbated it.

With Gogo Aircooler, we can appreciate a new and clean breeze in any event, during the most sweltering day! And all that with no unforgiving synthetic compounds that hurt both us and our planet.