Global Sustainability Trends for 2023

Do you want to stay on top of the latest global sustainability trends?

More organizations are turning to sustainability practices to help mitigate COVID impact losses. From producing less waste and energy to becoming more aware of their supply chains.

The coming year is expected to bring more of the same. That’s why we need a better understanding of sustainability practices to help make the transition easier.

Would you like to know about the biggest global sustainability trends for 2023? Keep reading, and we’ll cover the biggest changes.

Renewable Energy Usage

By 2023, it is expected that renewable sources such as solar and wind power will be much more affordable and reliable than they are today. This will make them the natural choice for households or businesses.

This is mostly for those seeking cost-effective and sustainable energy sources. Technology advances will provide the foundation for the more widespread adoption of renewable energy sources.

Such as geothermal, tidal, ocean waves, and bioenergy. In conclusion, it is expected that in 2023 these events will be much more widespread.


Many countries have access to bioplastic from renewable sources like corn, sugarcane, and other organic materials. Companies are utilizing bioplastic to create better packaging and products for the environment.

We should not rely on non-renewable sources like oil. This company is also looking to introduce more innovative bioplastic uses in the coming years.

For instance, bioplastic can be used in automotive fuel tanks and some high-end electronic devices. You can use it to make formal wear and accessories.

Smart and Green Cities

Smart and green cities are increasingly becoming the standard for future sustainable cities. As we move into 2023, cities worldwide will focus on green infrastructure and innovative technology.

Smart cities will generate and analyze data to improve clean energy efficiency and reduce traffic congestion. Green cities will use sustainable design practices that promote healthy biodiversity and ecosystems.

These cities can be powered by renewable sources and battery technologies to adjust electricity usage during peak hours. Rainwater can be collected and used instead of limited natural resources.

It will also focus on net zero carbon emissions. This will likely involve global policies such as taxes, regulations, and carbon pricing, as well as incentives for businesses that adopt carbon-free energy.

Digital Initiatives

Global sustainability trends for 2023 will involve digital initiatives to help the planet become more sustainable. Such initiatives include the use of IoT-enabled devices to reduce energy consumption.

Hybrid cars will be more visible to reduce CO2 emissions. The development of new technologies such as blockchain, AI, and the cloud will improve resource traceability and data analysis.

By leveraging these technologies, organizations can identify and measure environmental and social impacts more accurately. This helps us make better-informed decisions.

Enhancing Global Sustainability

Global sustainability will become ever more critical in 2023. Prioritizing planet-friendly choices whenever possible.

We must play our part to ensure we contribute to a viable future in this rapidly changing world. Act now, and make sustainability a priority.

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