Glasses for every face shape: Which one are you?

What are your criteria while choosing a pair of glasses apart from giving a prescription? Well choosing the glasses one must look for the requirement of the lenses and apart from that, do these glasses suit well with your face? Are these glasses in trend? Will they look super good when you style them with various other looks of yours? Well, there are several criteria on which one chooses to get themselves a pair of their favourite glasses.

The most common among them is choosing the frame that will suit your face shape. But the task becomes daunting as choosing the glasses as faces become difficult as most people are not aware of their own face shape. And there is nothing to worry about as it is super common and one can identify their shape with a few simple traits.

Mostly, our purchase is oriented on what we see in trend, and no matter even if they don’t suit us, we are tricked by our mind to get one. But after finally knowing what your face shape is, you might not want to purchase them in any other way.

What is your face shape?

Well, we believe that you are convinced to get the glasses as per the face shape so make sure to get glasses as per the knowledge of what features of your face.

And if you need any help, we are here to make you know to choose glasses for your face shape.

Square face- Well known for their extreme sharp highlights, if you have any concern about how a square face looks, just look at ever-gorgeous Anjelina Jolie. She has a perfectly straight face that has a sharp and highlighted jawline, cheekbones, and even chin. They have a broad forehead as well, every corner of the face is a feature in itself. So, what can be a perfect pair of glasses that will provide an exact balance between the facial features? Round glasses, yes the soft, smooth, and curved structure of the round glasses provide a much-required balance to the highlights and even add extra beauty to the feature. A contrast that will make glasses and the ace stand out.

Round face- A pretty smooth round never harms, the round face is known for its smooth features, that is soft and curvy. They do not have highlighted cheekbones or jawline and have smooth curves at the chin part, heavy cheeks with a wide forehead. Now, it is surely a task to find glasses that will not balance but highlight the pretty feature this face carries. According to us, it would be much better if one chooses to get glasses in square shape or in rectangle and why so? Because these glasses have multiple sides and corners that will automatically give a sharp look and a much-required highlight to the round face and if you want to know what a round face will look like then better think of Selena Gomez.

Oval face- Well an oval face, that is not much different from the round but has a high cheekbone and that’s what makes the face look lean. The shape is considered to be admired and the most perfect face shape. No matter how much you grow old or goes through changes, your face shape goes through minimum changes and looks the same. If you want to know how an oval face shape looks then give a long wide look at Courteney Cox, a perfect example of an oval face shape. Just like the round face, you just have to get the glasses with sharp edges to highlight the hidden features of an oval face.

Heart shape- Heart-shaped face does sound cute but it is super difficult to find. Well, if you have a heart-shaped face then look for the widest cheekbones, pointed chin, and broad forehead. That will give you the idea of what a heart-shaped face looks like. Want to know who else has the same face shape as yours? It’s none other than Blake Lively, what a beautiful coincidence to share with. Having a unique face shape requires some unique shaped glasses such as geometric in nature. Its unique sides and multiple corners will complement the unique shape the face offers.

Diamond shape- Small forehead, angular cheeks, and pointed chin that’s what makes the face unique, yes diamond is a unique shape and so is the person who has the shape. Who else has the same shape as that of yours? It is none other than the pop queen herself Madonna. So, the next time you find all these features in yours, then you are no else than Madonna. A perfect pick for the face shape would be either circular glasses or circular glasses, yes the soft curves will give an absolute hype to your face.

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