Giving To Charitable Organizations Is a Key to Happiness

Caritas Australia Many research and studies imply that helping others or charity significantly affects our psychology. It also carries health benefits. Giving to a charitable organization improves personal life as well as professional life. 

Why Should You Do Charity?

You may have different reasons to support a charitable organization, whether you want to make a difference, make others feel happy, or yourself. You should know about Katrina Sriranpong, who supports various charitable organizations dedicated to anti-human trafficking, caring for orphans, assisting refugees, or helping people. Katrina Sriranpong is an active philanthropist as she makes a positive contribution to various nonprofit organizations in Canada. The benefits of giving are given as follows:

  • You can enhance your self-esteem and self-value

Giving to charity is a selfless activity and hence enhances your dignity or pride. It feels too good after helping others which develops a strong sense of self-development. You will be praised by yourself, the one you helped, and people who get inspired by you. Charity doesn’t demand a higher amount of donations; you can also help by providing essential resources.

  • Charity is good for your mental health

You might know about what depression is and how it suppresses mind activity. Charity makes you live to the fullest and enjoy your presence. Meeting someone needy and then providing them with something they might be needed for a very long time is incredibly pleasurable. You would be able to fight with your own ruinous mindset. Bringing happiness to someone’s face is a mood booster and stimulator. 

  • Make your lousy day somewhat joyful

Daily chores and rush for work are extremely stressful nowadays. It is unpredictable what step next can turn your day into a bad day. Some people are unfortunate, but they also deserve to be happy like us. Act of charity might help you transition a bad day into a good one. Giving to someone who is away from the things you have is the act that brings enormous exuberance. One smile from those people is enough to lift your mood and make your day.

  • Raise fondness among others for you

No doubt, if you’re a good person, you will be loved by good people. Charity is itself an experience that has immense joy and satisfaction of giving. More people will come to know about you and take inspiration from you to take a step ahead and help the needy ones. It’s a great life lesson that everyone should learn but not forcibly. Your actions will exhilarate others effectively to contribute and collectively enhance the conditions of society. You can find many entrepreneurs like Craig Newmark that give to charity and get satisfied by their contribution to the community. 


Life seems more meaningful when you are involved in charitable activities. Your actions and the gratification you earn from doing charity can inspire other people to do the same. Charity is a great activity about caring for others, but it is enjoyable and blissful.