Give it a Read If You are Thinking of Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Manhattan and Brooklyn are next to each other and are separated by the East River. So, anyone can go between these two boroughs of New York City on a subway. But Brooklyn is a different world from Manhattan, relaxed and having easier life’s pace and wider streets. So, if you are thinking of moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, it shows you wish for bright lights of the city, having the best clubs, museums, restaurants, and big business.

So let’s discuss either this decision is fruitful or not and what you should know about before moving!

Is Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan a Right Choice?

Here are some benefits that Manhattan can offer to you:

1. A Well-Connected Borough

Manhattan is an easier commute as it is a well-connected borough to all the other boroughs of NYC. This connectivity made it easier to go from one place to another easily. Compared to Brooklyn, you will be happy to spend far less time reaching your work and accessing grocery shops, gyms, pharmacies, retail shops, etc., within walking distance.

2. A Huge Greenspace

Manhattan offers 843 acres of huge greenspace for strolling, jogging, and enjoying picnics. Compared to that, Brooklyn has only 52 acres of a natural oasis. So if you are a greenery lover, Manhattan will suit you better.

3. A Hub of Fun Events and Activities

In Manhattan, you can enjoy many fun events and activities, including Summerstage Concerts, Shakespeare in the Park, ice skating, puppet shows, the Central Park Zoo, movie screenings, and many more. Manhattan is waiting for you to offer you these and many more fun events!

4. Best Place for Theater Lovers

Manhattan is the host of many theaters in the form of “Broadway.” Broadway is the best place to see the ground-breaking shows to the big-budget production. In addition, it is the home of almost 41 theaters where you can enjoy your evenings fully by watching great plays.

5. Borough of Iconic Landmarks

When you think about NYC, many iconic landmarks come into your mind to represent the city, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, and Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden. Surprisingly, all these are present here in Manhattan. So you can tell anyone that you’re living in that part of NYC, where all iconic landmarks are located!

6. Best Food Collection

When you visit Manhattan and try its food, it’ll urge you to think either you are in the neighborhood of Brooklyn or are in another country! It is well known for being the best food collection in NYC. You’ll fall in love with all the delicious food items here either you eat them from a food cart, floating restaurant, and local restaurant. So, Manhattan is purely for a foodie!

Things You Must Keep in Mind Before Moving

  • Forget about spacious apartments and get used to smaller one
  • You have to prefer public transportation over car
  • Consider moving with a roommate
  • Life is less relaxing as compared to the Brooklyn


All the beneficial aspects and things to consider of moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan have been discussed above. The final decision is only yours. You can also talk to the persons who are already living in Manhattan, and if you are ready to move, you can get the assistance of professional movers for how to move the Most Expensive Moving Items; good luck!