Get your livelihood supported with NDIS meal plan delivery!

Individuals of certain age groups, some job professions, or having some kind of disability are sometimes not capable enough to put food on their families plate each day. Thankfully, the Australian government has launched a system known as the NDIS(National Disability Insurance Scheme) scheme to support individuals as well as their families with a disability under the age of 65. The NDIS helps to support the livelihoods of individuals and allows them to gain independence. As a part of NDIS, people receive packages containing meals that are included in their NDIS meal plan. The preparation, as well as the delivery of the meal, is covered under NDIS. 

What is NDIS meal plan delivery?

The NDIS meal providers focus on the convenience, taste, and dietary balance to provide a wholesome meal to everyone and help the community to stress less about their food and focus more on what requires their attention. NDIS has emerged to be a new way of efficiently providing support to individuals living with disabilities and meeting their needs and goals. Taking into consideration the reason and necessity of your plan, the NDIS covers the cost of meal preparation and delivery. The cost of the ingredients used to prepare them has to be borne by the participant. 

How much do the NDIS meals cost? 

The preparation and meal plan delivery cost of a particular meal is covered under the scheme. However, the cost of the ingredients used to prepare the delivered meal shall e be taken care of by the consumer. Moreover, to have more information about the cost division of NDIS meals, connect with the nearby NDIS meal providers. 

Moreover, you can also choose your own meal from the mouth-watering menu provided by the NDIS mail provider, which shuffles each week. You can additionally edit your order in a subscription a week prior to your delivery. This allows you to receive the meals of your choice without having to compromise with the nutritional value of your food. 

Who is eligible for cooked meals delivered at doorsteps?

Your NDIS plan should include home services or daily activities to be eligible for freshly cooked meals delivered at your doorsteps. In case if you are unsure of what your plan includes, check with your meal plan delivery manager for further support. 

Furthermore, some NDIS meal providers also offer a one-off order as a demo meal before starting your subscription. If you like what is served on your plate, you can readily set up a subscription order and receive the meals as planned. 


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provide support to people living with disability and helps them to meet their goals efficiently. This little support allows individuals with disabilities to live comfortably and focus on other aspects of their life. The freshly prepared meals having uncompromised taste and nutritional value are delivered hot and fresh at your doorsteps.