All of us remember who Bane is because why not? The film this character has in happens to be one of the most iconic ones. Iconic in terms of not only the storyline but direction, sets, dialogues, cast, and even costumes. Speaking of costumes, aren’t we all awestruck by Batman and Joker’s ensembles? And so this time the production thought of bringing something new to the city of Gotham, Bane. There is no doubt that Tom Hardy played the character at his best especially when the film had him wear a mask that restricted him from showing any expressions so ultimately all that Tom had was to act through his body and that he did well. With that being said, attire is equally important in such cases where body language plays a vital role, and here when we watch Bane wearing this long trench-like coat in a decent color that engages us at the very first glance. 

Before I talk about the Bane leather jacket, I would just add a bit about casual vintage leather jackets that always are the talk of the town.


Leather jackets are itself an attraction alone and when we talk about vintage leather jackets for men it excites every person in the room. Leather is a classic fabric and when it comes to style leather has never been a disappointment. One can effortlessly look remarkably noticeably by just pulling off a leather jacket on a plain Tee. it works for all sorts of days, gatherings, and meetings, one can buy a leather jacket and get to have multiple more outfits without spending much.

This is exactly the reason why people take inspiration from films and celebrities because leather apparel is frequently a part of their wardrobe, just like we talked about the Bane leather jacket that is a vintage leather jacket for men but the good thing about vintage is it stays alive in all eras, especially when it is leather. A vintage trench coat can be worn during any trend since being an evergreen piece does not make you outdated.

Coming back to the Bane trench coat, a little I would comprehend for you all who are unaware of it. It is a leather trench coat with faux fur on the collar and an inner viscose line as well. The collar is the routinely shirt-style one while the front conclusion is different from the traditional one that we see, it has a loop button closure that is a new addition. As I speak of newly added things, here are the pockets of this coat on the waist that are bigger than the usual size and are pouch-like with a flap and buttons. However, the other two pockets at the chest are the simple ones. The coat displays a strap detail pattern on the cuffs that commends the rest of the style. While all these details I loved the color of the coat, this Bane coat has this pretty alluring type of tint that falls in the middle of dark brown, black, and mud brown which seems to grab the attention instantly.

Now comes the trouble, to search for such a product the price range needs to be variable but for people with a reasonable budget it becomes more of a hassle because most of the stores are not selling such screen accurate designs at an accommodating price. Here is this new place I found on the internet the other day, the distressed jackets that had this Bane leather jacket from the Dark Knight Rises and it got me shook since they were selling it at a very good cost. These manufacturers have many different Vintage leather jackets for men that I paid heed to but the thing that aspired me to buy more and more was their pricing, this brand is selling quality at a better price which is rare to find and as per my knowledge I have not encountered such diverse variety of leather jackets, vests, even costumes at such an affordable price so for everyone who read till now, it is a one hundred percent recommendation from me.