Get Rid of Winter Blues With These Tips

When winter hits, the cold, dreary, and dank months come with a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for many. This is accompanied by symptoms such as low motivation, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, and fatigue. If this sounds like you, then you may have the winter blues. Luckily, there are various ways to manage this feeling and get back to an exhilarating state. That being said, here are a few simple and straightforward tips to beat the winter blues. 

1. Surround Yourself with People

If there are people who make you feel bad or irritate you, reduce the time you spend together (if you must spend any with them at all). Instead, choose to spend more of your time with individuals who will bring out the best in you. The people you surround yourself with are extremely important and not just in the cold season. Ensure they are not toxic and love and support you. If you would like to speak to a professional contact the Clarity Clinic.

2. Spend Some Time by the Fire

According to research done by the University of Alabama, sitting by a fire during the cold season reduces blood pressure and puts you in a calm and relaxed state. The crackling sound, smoky smell, light, and warmth produced by a fire all contribute to soothing your body. 

3. Tick Something Off the Bucket List

A great way to motivate yourself when feeling down is to do something for yourself. Have you been wanting to do something but just never seem to have the time? Consider doing it now. It might be taking up a new hobby, learning a  new language, starting a new project, going on a trip, or reading a certain book. No matter what it is, chances are it will be spark some light in your mind and give you a boost in energy and motivation. 

4. Fresh Air

Although it’s cold outside, you’ll still want to get some fresh air. This helps put your mind off something stressful, boost your energy levels and improve sleep quality. Make a point of going outside for about 30 minutes in order to clear your head. 

5. Watch Your Screen Time

Winter usually means spending more time indoors and this comes with the temptation of spending more time on the screen, be it the TV, phone, or computer. What many people don’t know is that too much time in these gadgets creates too many distractions, builds fatigue, and diminishes mood. So, make a point of stepping away from the screens if you have winter blues. 

6. Take Vitamins

Another reason you might be having winter blues is the inadequate consumption of essential vitamins and nutrients. Ensure you take a multi-vitamin, most preferably vitamin D given the cold weather. You can also consult with your physician which supplements, in particular, you need to take in order to stay healthy and in a good mood.