Get our wide selection of leather chairs that let you achieve perfect functionality and remarkable style

Leather Dining Chairs UK:

From well-appointed dining chairs in comfortable leather or velvet to traditional dining chairs that never go out of style, we offer an outstanding variety of designs that combine luxury and charisma here at Elegant Dining Chairs. Whether you’re seeing for a flexible piece in white, black, or grey, or you choose more colourful touches like blue and pink, there’s a dining room chair and Leather Dining Chairs UK to cooperative every family, comprehensive each dining set, and make meeting around for breakfast and dinner that little bit more superior. Whatsoever style you go for, you can be sure of incredible worth that will get you through the years.

Dining chairs are valuable items; vital for leasing you and your family to sit down and share a meal in the comfort of your home. However, dining room chairs can also assist as a style statement, serving to bring together the complete appearance and feel of your dining area. At Elegant Dining Chairs, you’ll find a striking range of dining chairs from some of the best designers, in a varied variety of fabric and leather finishes that let you accomplish perfect functionality and amazing style.

The many diverse forms of armchair:

The dissimilar types of an armchair can serve numerous purposes in your home. A tub chair or modern armchair can be a seamless accompaniment to your sofa preparation. A wingback or high back armchair can create an excessive reading spot, with a deliberately positioned floor lamp located beside it. A small armchair that is informal to move is perfect for offering some additional seating when you have guests over. And a classical rocking chair can be a seamless place to sit when knitting a nice long scarf.

Leather Dining Chairs UK
Leather Dining Chairs UK

Different colors of Dinning chairs:

We also offer to blush of colours to assurance that your dining table chairs will look precise at home in your current dining room scheme. There is a choice of designs and exteriors to match any visual, so you can be sure that you’ll determine your seamless match at Elegant Dining Chairs. The quiet tones of the Bambury Lily line may be just what your dining room table supplies, but if not then try the more colourful shades of our retro dining chairs and Leather Dining Chairs UK. Should you need something bolder, we also feature many modern dining chairs, with hopeful, bold designs of fractal shapes.


All our fibres are gained from leading UK dealers. Even our back cushions, which do not have to achieve in the same way as a seat cushion, Leather Armchairs UK are greater exclusive fibre products. Currently, there are no British Standard tests for fibre properties, but all fibres are verified to achieve episodic recovery advances, flammability rules, pre, and post-test heights, as well as for weight and weight loss.


Safety is as important as comfort when it comes to fabric and all froths used in our furniture are greater in both these areas than those you will learn on the high street at equivalent prices. We assurance this by:

  • Only using the best and fully fire safe Combustion Modified High-Resilient harvests which meet the appropriate British Fire Safety Standard. This means our foams can bear a burning cigarette or even a butane flame.
  • Selecting 30-35 density arm and back bubbles, as well as Cold Cured 35-40 density seat foams – both larger to likewise priced high street belongings.
  • Injection moulding our Cold Cured foam to safeguard each leather furniture piece is equal in weight, shape, and size. This is the premium foam you can buy and is widely used in car seating technology.
  • Energetically testing all our foams for flammability, uniform thickness, tear, and tensile strength, compaction/height loss, and durability.

Relax and recharge in a comfortable armchair:

Whether you want to make a contented reading nook or a supple spot for watching TV or listening to music, a typical armchair will do the trick. Go for a stackable lightweight hand-woven rattan-style chair or one that enhances privacy with a high-back panel and soft, smoothed supports and back cushion.