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This article is a synopsis of family law and the legal system in Manitoba for the month of November 2019. It is designed to provide everyone a fundamental understanding of family law.

Each section of this website discusses important legal issues in a generic sense, rather than focusing on the rights of specific family members.

Within the Resources part of our website is a directory of family law service providers that you may browse through.

There is broad legal information on this page. A general legal education does not focus on a particular case. The manner in which a person is affected by the law is contingent on the specific circumstances.

The evolution of family law is caused by the passage of new legislation by the federal and provincial governments, as well as by the decisions of the courts regarding problems that are relevant to the law (the common law). This page is going to be updated to explain the modifications that have been made and when those changes will take effect.

There is provision of individualised legal advice. It modifies statutes and precedents in accordance with the particulars of the case and the goals that the person seeks to achieve.

Consult with a family lawyer if you feel the need for legal advice. With very few exceptions, the Legal Profession Act in Manitoba restricts the provision of legal advice to only attorneys.

Find a Lawyer The websites and both include listings for attorneys.

You may locate a lawyer in Manitoba by using Lawyer Lookup to get legal consultation winnipeg. You have the option of searching for a person, law business, or municipality in Manitoba.

Inquire with family members or close acquaintances about attorneys that specialise in family law.

Where can I find a lawyer that specialises in family law?

Through the Law Phone-in and Lawyer Referral Program of the Community Legal Education Association, an experienced family law attorney will be recommended to you for a free consultation lasting half an hour.

You are under no obligation to hire the lawyer when the session is over.

To speak with someone at no cost, please call:

For issues about the law, contact the Community Legal Education Association at the following numbers or email address: 204-943-2382 or 204-943-2305; 1-800-262-8800; or [email protected].

Can’t afford a lawyer?

Manitoba Legal Aid

If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may be eligible for assistance from Legal Aid Manitoba. Your ability to recover some or all of the cost of your legal representation may be contingent on the strength of your financial position as well as the merits of your case.

Legal Aid Manitoba Applications may be submitted to the Winnipeg Application Centre, located at 100-287 Broadway Avenue; offices of Community Legal Aid located across the province of Manitoba; or a private lawyer who is participating in the plan.

There is a fee associated with certain applications for legal assistance. Should you have:

You are eligible for SSI if you are a full-time student at a mental health facility or a women’s shelter Legal Aid Manitoba clients have the option of selecting either a staff lawyer or a private lawyer who participates in the plan to represent them. Legal Aid Manitoba may be able to help a client in locating an attorney in another state.

Legal information and referrals are available without an appointment from staff members at the Legal Aid Application Centre in Winnipeg and at other Community Legal Aid offices outside of Winnipeg. Winnipeg Application Centre doesn’t give legal advice. Those who are eligible and request legal aid will be referred to either an in-house counsel member or a private attorney.

Contact Legal Aid Manitoba at 204-985-8500 in Winnipeg, or 1-800-261-2960 toll-free outside of Winnipeg, or visit their website at if you have any questions about their services, including their drop-in hours.

The locations of all Legal Aid Manitoba offices are provided in the Resources section of this website.

If your annual family income is less than $50,000, the Legal Aid Legal Assist Centre can help you evaluate your options and decide what steps to take next.

The Drop-In Clinic is open either on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:30 in the afternoon. You will speak with a law student who is being supervised by family law professionals when you attend Drop-In. Obtain legal information and support, as well as referrals for community resources. You may have the right to a follow-up session in certain circumstances in order to get step-by-step coaching, assistance in completing paperwork, and preparation of court documents. Legal Help Centre delivers free family court training.