Get Familiar with Terms used in sports betting

Bet accumulator

The accumulator bet consists of a minimum of one single bet and is a combination bet. The bookmaker such as sportsbook UK  chooses the minimum amount. An accumulator bet typically requires a minimum of three separate bets. But the quantity may vary.

Pre-Game Bet

A long-term wager also goes by this name.


Arbitrage also goes by the names Surewin or Surebet. This kind of wager, as its name implies, ensures a victory. Here, you can wager on a variety of outcomes from various providers. The profit is calculated following the determination of the odds discrepancy. Higher bets are typically placed because arbitrage has such slim winning chances.

Asian Disability

Similar to the standard handicap wager is the Asian Handicap. However, there is a fourth goal or a three-quarter goal lead in this situation. Once more, the underdog has an advantage. It is then included in the outcome after the encounter. If there is a tie with an even Asian handicap, the wager will once again be settled as a tie. Half of the stake is allocated to the full handicap in the quarter handicap, and the other half is allocated to the half handicap. You win the entire wager if you correctly predict the favorite. In the event of a tie, the back half of the wager. The stake is cut in half with a three-quarter handicap. The first portion is used for handicap wagers of half and one, respectively.

Ratio of payout

The value that the provider ultimately pays out is described by the payout quota, payout key, or quota key. The rest is kept by the bookmaker such as sportsbook uk


Some bookmakers such as sportsbook UK use this phrase. It means a wager on a particular occurrence. 


A wager with a certain result


A wager that is marked as a No Bet has an uncertain outcome.


Bookmaker, betting shop; bookmaker


Betting suppliers; a person who accepts wagers such as sportsbook UK.

Bookmaker’s profit

The portion of profits retained by the bookmaker. You can determine how large this margin is using the odds.

Cash back 

Return guarantee. The bookmaker provides a cash back as a bonus or promotion.


No Drawn Bet

In the event of a tie, the stake is returned regardless of how you tip. Additionally known as Asian Handicap 0. The win rate on this wager is lower.

Triple Chance

wager with three potential results e.g. football, handball, etc. – winning squad/player 1 – a tie Team/player 2 wins.


The Dutching method allows you to wager on various game outcomes. The profit is constant when a particular calculation is used. This wager is also known as a double chance.

The deposit bonus

When you make a deposit, some bookmakers such as sportsbook UK will give you a bonus. The size of this bonus varies from one provider to the next.

Event wager

An event bet is a wager on a specific game scenario. This wager may be made beforehand or as a live wager during play. For instance, a corner or a yellow card would be equivalent in football. Preferably, the event bet is placed as a live bet. You can follow the game in the live betting area and respond with event bets.

Outcome bet

A wager on the precise outcome of a game is known as a result bet. e.g. 2:1. The risk is high with this wager. However, the chances are good.

First-time scorer

Here, you wager on who will score the game’s opening goal. Depending on the player’s position, the odds change.

Fantasy wager

Such wagers present games that do not, in fact, exist. They are available on the weekend. Each club competes in its own league. Both teams’ goals are taken into account when comparing ratings. 

Monetary bets

In financial betting, you place a wager on the value of a security or an upcoming event. You wager on whether a security’s value will be lower or higher than a specific price at market close. Trading on the stock exchange is not done. The financial bet is becoming more and more popular.Some bookmakers such as sportsbook UK already only provide financial wagers.

Free wager

Credit is given to the customer by the betting company, which can then be used to play. If the wager is placed correctly, no money is taken from the betting account, and the winnings are fully credited.

Society wager

The entertainment bet, also known as the society bet, is not a sports wager based on actual events either in the entertainment sector or in relation to social issues. Betting can be done on TV shows, general elections, and the naming of the newest royal. 

Profitability growth

Casino games are where progressions first appear. Until you win, you only bet on one color. Every time, the stakes rise. On wagers, the win progression is a little different. The stake is only raised after a wager is successful. This implies that you only place bets using winnings. Only the initial wager is lost if your guess is incorrect.


It is referred to as a game of chance if the direction or outcome of the game is determined by chance. Particularly when it comes to sports betting, the definition of gambling falls short. You can bet that the top team will prevail over the underdog when they play each other. Consequently, the issue is one of power balance. However, chance also plays a role. Even a blatant underdog can win the game in an unexpected circumstance like an injury or poor performance by the favorite.

 Parlay (Halftime/Fulltime)

You can wager on the outcome of the game both before and after the break. Both a 2-way and 3-way version of this wager is available. 

A handicap wager

A team begins play with a lead of one or more goals in a handicap wager. This lead is calculated at the conclusion of regulation time. The outcome of the wager is followed by the typed. Benefit is essential. You increase the underdog’s likelihood of winning by giving him or her handicap advantage. The odds of the favorite may rise as a result of this.