Get Customized Theme Party Bowls for your House Party

It is common knowledge that the average family moves about once every five years. When you have finally reached your forever home, it is time to celebrate. Housewarming parties are still a popular way to introduce your new home to friends, family, and neighbors.

While guests may or may not bring a gift, use this opportunity to instill a lovely memory in everyone. Plan ahead with the appropriate selection of dinnerware and take-home trinkets to remember the event.

Work on a Theme

According to Smarty Had A Party, you are expressing your personality through disposable dinnerware. Casual yet beautiful, many styles, shapes, and patterns of plates and bowls can have a positive and lasting effect on your party-goers.

Changing homes can also mean changing decors. For instance, if you are redecorating in modern industrial, purchase square black dinnerware and white accessories to offset your new look. Updating your home from contemporary to modern country calls for a primitive collection of vintage or antique floral designs.

Bright solid colors set a happy mood for patio entertaining. Square plastic bowls add a playful change to the scene and make great finger food holders. It can be hard to mingle when worried about grapes, nuts, and cherry tomatoes rolling off of a snack plate.

Clear plastic dinnerware is a good choice for highlighting the furniture and accessories of your new home. Consistent with glass, clear plates and bowls offer sophistication. Clear 2-ounce mini concave cups are the perfect size for fruit, mints, and nuts.

For a touch of elegance, use white plastic bowls and plates with gold trim. Utensils in gold or white will match. Clear stemless glasses for punch or wine encourage guests to buy their own set.

Personalize your Dinnerware

The idea behind a house party is to let everyone know where you live, how you live, and to meet the members of your family. New neighbors and co-workers can also make new contacts and friends. With personalized dinnerware items or a small gift to take home, guests are able to remember the hosts by name.

Use stickers or engravings on dinnerware or napkins that show your name, address, and each family member’s name. Bowls can make a delightful gift to have for loose change, jewelry, and more. Stemless wine glasses are also a hit. The names of your new neighbors will be easily remembered.

Start Living your New Life

Housewarming parties are a wonderful way to introduce yourselves to the neighborhood. Don’t let years pass with your busy life without taking the initiative to make new friends. Feeling welcome in a new environment is important to creating a home for your family. Having guests over will also push you into emptying those moving boxes and making your house feel like a home.

Plan your party 1 to 2 months after moving in. A traditional housewarming party will keep you on schedule and help in feeling more comfortable with your surroundings. Using today’s durable and beautiful disposable dinnerware options will keep clean-up is always easy.