Gauged Ears Hungers

For hangers for gauged ears, a common material to make hangers from is stainless steel because it keeps its shape. Products made from this type of metal can be used in medical, surgical, and dental applications and hanger parts.

It is also recommended that you use hangers that are designed specifically for gauged earlobes. Certain hangers have been manufactured with the proper size holes and thicknesses to accommodate those who wear gauged earrings. When choosing hangers, the buyer should choose those with a larger gauge opening because those will fit over most gauges. These hangers also come in various finishes, so you can select one that will complement your jewelry or buy several different hangers to complete a variety of looks.

In addition, hangers for gauged ears are not the only hangers you should invest in if you wear earrings to stretch your piercings. If you plan on keeping your holes open permanently, hangers made from other metals such as titanium and niobium work best to keep them from closing up or shrinking. Although they can be more expensive than hangers for gauged ears, hangers made from these materials will typically last longer, making them a better investment because they can save money over time.

The benefits of hanger jewelry are that they help maintain the integrity and appearance of all types of pierced body parts, so it’s important to take care when choosing hangers for gauged ears. The hangers must be strong enough to accommodate the weight of your gauges without distorting or tearing, especially hanger earrings for stretched piercings because hangers made from softer materials are more likely to break under stress.

To make hangers for gauged ears yourself, you can easily purchase hanger parts online and connect them with jump rings. This is one way to make hanger jewelry for your gauged earlobes. Still, it is not ideal because hangers sold separately aren’t always flexible enough to contour around the body’s curves after being connected. If they’re too stiff, they can cause stress on already stretched holes which could close them up again, so the hangers must be flexible enough to move with the earrings.

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Another hanger for gauged ears option is hanger earrings which are also referred to as hinged hangers, hanger plugs, or hanger ear expanders because they consist of a hook and a bead on each end that can be inserted into your holes for piercing jewelry. Hanger parts are balls at the end of long strings that slide onto both ends of your post earring and then lock into place to hold them in place. These hangers work well for gauged ears and hangers for small gauge piercings because they were invented by those who wear body jewelry specifically. After all, much smaller gauges could not support the traditional styles of hangers.

The hanger jewelry for gauged ears is a relatively new trend in the body piercing community. It has exploded in popularity because hangers enable people to wear gauges without having their earlobes stretched out faster than anticipated. If you plan on wearing hangers, one of the most important things to look at when shopping for hangers is whether or not they were made specifically to accommodate smaller gauges because hangers that are too small can damage your lobe piercings if worn over them for any period.

There is a variety of hangers available for both big and small gauge holes, so when choosing hangers, ask about material construction as well as what size hole the hanger was designed to fit so you can be sure they will accommodate your gauges.