Funeral cost
Funeral cost

Unexpected funeral costs can surprise many people every year. While no one is ever ready to let a loved one go, planning can relieve some of the burdens. 

If you haven’t checked into the price of funerals, it may shock you to know that a casket can cost $10,000 alone! That doesn’t take into account spending more on the service. Keep reading this article to learn the total cost of a funeral. 

Planned Funeral Price

When you consider the price of a funeral, the are some general items you want to keep in mind. You will need a casket unless you plan to do the cremation type of service. 

Caskets come in all kinds of designs and materials. You can buy what you want that fits into your budget. If you go with a traditional burial service, the casket will often be the most expensive cost. 

Caskets go from two to ten thousand dollars depending on how they get made. They are all secure, so most of the cost is about decoration. 

Remember that the funeral cost will include some services that come with it. The funeral director will guide you through all the itemized spendings.

One of the services that most people get is embalming. That can get done for under $1,000 in most cases. If you’ve gone the cremation route, embalming is a service you won’t need. 

Don’t forget there will be paperwork that goes with the average funeral cost. That will include a specific number of death certificates and any permits. If you need more copies, there will be an extra fee per copy. 

Extra Services

You may not realize the spending that goes toward a funeral includes the extra services you get. If you have a pastor who will speak at the funeral, you will need to divide some of the cost for that service. Many times they don’t ask to get paid but consider it a love offering. 

You can base your spending on what you have in your funeral budget. Most set aside $50 to $200. 

Don’t forget the music. Many people get someone to sing a favorite song for the funeral service. They don’t charge, but a love offering will get appreciated. 

A floral blanket for the casket can cost as little as $100 or over $500. That doesn’t get included with a regular funeral service cost. That’s a part of the decoration for the service. 

Pallbearers carry the casket to the cemetery plot. They consider it an honor, so that service is free.

Burial Cost

Some cemetery plots cost nothing. Many churches have cemeteries for the members for free. Others may have a price, so deciding on a final resting place will help your spending budget. 

The actual burial gets handled by the funeral home. That fee gets included. Getting a headstone comes later and is not part of the funeral cost. 

Things to Remember

If you get worried that you might forget something along the way, the funeral director will help. They have done this kind of service many times and will know what needs to get handled. 

The price of a funeral can get trimmed down to accommodate your budget. Planning for around $10,000 to $15,000 for the total funeral cost is a safe guideline. 

Planning a funeral is never easy, but this guide will help take some of the stress away. Be sure to check out other articles for more tips like these!