Fun Trips to the Coast Ahead – Get the Best Beach Canopy Tent for it!

The best days of summer are definitely those spent on the coast breathing in the fresh sea breeze. Imagine the soft wind playing around, your skin soaking the warmth, the smell of coconuts in the air and your favorite drink in your hand. No one wants to end such a blissful dream with the memory of sunburns and sand all over. The best way to protect your fun from any glum is to pack a tent. If you are making plans for the beach, then sunscreen, sunglasses, towels and hats are already on your packing list. We suggest you also add a beach canopy tent to the to-go stack

Benefits of getting a Beach tent 

Beach tents are not just stylish but also the most practical addition to your perfect beach experience. There are numerous benefits of owning a tent for the beach, we have listed a few below–

  • Protection from the sun –While sunscreen is a prerequisite for any day on the beach, a beach canopy will definitely give you better protection. Moreover, it promises to let you enjoy the beach for the whole day regardless of where the sun may be over your head. You can also look for these amazing  Swag Tent for your next trip. 
  • Protection from other elements – The sun is not the only element that can make your day difficult instead of fun. There are other weather conditions like strong winds or rain, where sturdy canopy tents can be great a relief. 
  • Privacy – This is one of the best benefits of owning a beach tent. Once you have it up and standing, you have essentially created a small personal oasis on the seaside. It is the best way to get yourself some privacy in a public place. It is also beneficial in keeping a check on your belongings in a crowded area. 
  • Portable & Durable – A common issue with using tents and canopies on beaches earlier was the sheer weight and complexity of the instrument. Furthermore, those that came in lighter versions did not last long or performed poorly on the beach. However, beach tents have now become more  portable, lightweight, durable and easy to use. 
  • Canopies for events – A product is truly amazing if you can use it for multiple purposes. Beach canopy tents are particularly interesting in this context. They can help you create the perfect   venue for any occasion. Whether it is a party or a business promotion event, put together a couple of beach canopies and you have the perfect set up. Moreover, some frame-based canopy designs are also versatile enough to be used in other outdoor spaces like courtyards and parks. 

There is a wide variety of beach tents available in the market including pop up beach tents, inflatable beach tents, beach canopy tents, beach umbrellas and hammock tents for the more adventurous out there. However, in our opinion, for most people, a frame-based tent is the best canopy tent for beach. 

A frame-based canopy tent is an overhead structure covered by a fabric sheet and supported on four sides with a frame of poles. These tents come in foldable packages which are easy to carry through the sand and even easier to put together. Over the period, they have become lighter and sturdier. Moreover, they provide far better wind protection than other beach umbrellas while still giving you an all-round view and ventilation.

How to buy the best beach canopy tent?

All this talk may have already transported you to a beach in your mind, where you are sitting under your new beach canopy and drinking beer through the day. However, buying a beach tent is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider before you buy a beach canopy tent. Therefore, we have devised a list of characteristics to keep in check that will help you purchase a beach canopy that fulfils all your needs –

1. Material Quality – 

The most critical aspect to keep in mind is to purchase products that use high-quality  materials. You should ideally look for tents which feature  PVC-coated polyester / 100% PVC fabric for the roof and sides as these materials are relatively more resistant to the withering effects of sand and water.  For the frame, it is usually better to go for a product made of aluminum or reinforced steel. These are much lighter in weight and more resistant to rust. 

2. Size – 

Beach canopy tents are available in a wide range of sizes and this characteristic would obviously be determined as per your need. In case you are not sure, contact the manufacturer.  It gives you a better chance of finding the right canopy. 

3. Design – 

What’s the point of using a high-quality or a big size canopy, if the craftsmanship is  poor. Therefore, analyzing the design of the product is a very significant step. Since most people are not experts in this field, it is obvious that such an analysis would be limited. Therefore, the best way to get a good picture of the pros and cons of any particular product, is to read the reviews on the website. Reputable brands provide features like V-edge truss bars, molded cast aluminum connectors and slide-in keder walls to further improve functionality. It is always better look to for these innovative and cutting-edge features while buying a beach canopy tent.

4. Assembly pattern – 

This is also a very important characteristic to consider before purchase. You do not want to waste your time on a tent with a very complicated set up. Therefore, it is better to opt for beach canopies which are usually listed under instant canopy range (or pop-up canopy range) of tents.  

5. Weight

Checking the weight is also an important consideration before purchasing a beach canopy.  You might have to carry your equipment back and forth through the sand while you find the perfect spot. It is never a great idea to add an item which is too heavy especially when there are exceptionally good and lightweight products available in the market. 

6. Custom Printed Canopies

This is not really a characteristic but an additional feature. If you are already parting with your money for all good reasons, then why not get a customized printed canopy? Moreover, if you are a business, this will be greatly beneficial for you as a promotional tool. We advise you to definitely look out for manufacturers providing customization services as well.

Apart from the characteristics listed above, another obvious thing that matters is the price of the canopy. The market is filled with cheap-quality products that are not very durable The last thing you need on your beach day is fixing torn fabric or running after a flyaway umbrella.

Therefore, it is better to go for a branded canopy. Though it might cost you a bit more, it is definitely a more reliable choice. Brands maintain their product quality long term as it is a prerequisite for upholding their market credibility. Moreover, they also provide better features, services and offers on warranty. 

Nevertheless, keeping an eye out for all these characteristics will surely help you buy the best beach canopy tent and get you all set for the next trip.

To sum up!

A beach tent is the difference between just any beach trip and a safe and comfortable beach trip. Getting a beach canopy tent is like a long-term investment in your happy times. 

A beach is not just a place for relaxation and fun. It can also be a place where you make unforgettable memories, or where you find your next big inspiration, or even a place where you close an important business deal. If you are a beach person, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a beach canopy. The potential for its use is as vast as the sea over the horizon. 

We suggest, it is time for you to go and get your new beach canopy tent, and make every visit to the coast a memorable event.