From Stories to Real Life Lessons, Here’s What Famous Five taught Me

Early childhood is colored by the words of some of the world-famous authors. One of them being Enid Blyton, it suffices to say she must have touched your heart in some way. One thing now as adults you may miss the most is the feeling of nostalgia if the name Enid Blyton ever comes upright with good lessons? 

I’m sure you must remember the summer vacations with plenty of time to kill and you choose books to be the means of entertainment. Thinking only a few pages for the day you end up turning leaf after leaf – that’s how cool and interesting Enid’s books have been for the loyal readers for lessons. Reading Famous Five and getting lost in the adventures of George and her cousins was a wish come true. 

To this day I cannot help but overthink “ What if I had an amazing adventure lessons with my friends or cousins?” Every character in the book; Julian, Dick, George, Anne, and Timmy the dog (my favorite character besides George a.k.a Georgina) always held a special place in my heart. 

Some people might have criticized my choice of a book but hey! Whatever helps you make it through the day right?

As one read and re-read the stories and adventures written by this English author, I have to say those lessons stuck with me for the rest of my adult life. 

Be true to yourself 

God knows how much we need this motto in our life. The main character, the cousin, Georgina is portrayed as a tomboy. So you get the idea why she would want to shorten her initials to only “George”. 

But what I loved most about this character is her high-spirit. If you expect the character to “behave like a girl” then you are absolutely wrong! Although she loved her dog a lot, at one point One thing for sure was that Geroge was an animal lover! 

Besides the love she had for her dog, George was a unique character who loved herself for the way she was. I’m sure many women will be able to relate to this character in so many ways. The freedom to be yourself without any fear can boggle one’s mind. It sure did mine.

Get a pet 

Timmy – the ultimate fighter and the loyal pal George had always made me want to have a dog for myself. The kind of person I am, I knew I would always be worried about how much calories does a dog need to do this or that (of course Timmy was a superhero in my mind). 

Having a dog is an adventure of its own for sure. As it turns out Timmy was always able to pull the five out of trouble saving the day! So you can always adopt a dog yourself be it a golden retriever or a bulldog. The book reminded me how much a pet can be loyal towards you in the hour of need. 

They teach you the values of gratitude and unconditional love! Something everyone can always benefit from. 

Tough nut to crack lessons 

There’s always someone in the group who tries to dominate or tell people what to do or not to do and so on. Well, most adults are prone to this situation. I think you may know where there is going by now. 

Aunty Fanny was “one of those guys” who criticized you for just being awesome! Well, the famous five thought so. It is important to learn to be a tough nut to crack so that people will stop their banter against you. 

Not everyone can easily maintain a tough exterior but try to do so, it will put the naysayers in the right place! 

Take a break!

You have to switch from working all day long to just relax for a bit. Being an adult the thing I miss the most is my reading power. 

We are digital nomads now, and always scrolling our time away that we could have easily spent with someone or even doing something as simple as scrolling a book. Being a book nerd and a die-hard fan of Famous Five I realized one thing – Adventures will never happen as long as you are tapping away on the mobile phones. You might as well as take a break from Netflix too.

So give yourself a mini picnic or go out on a date night. FEEL ALIVE!  Famous Five did make a good example of sitting in groups, going out on picnics, or even riding bikes. We need this much more than ever. 

Always be an adventurer inside! 

No matter how old you are, if you have the right social circle you can do whatever you want. Just like the five, wherever they went trouble would follow them (but mostly it was the other way around). So no matter the tough calls you face in a day, the little adventurer living inside of you needs nurturing and so never forget to discover and explore! 

Who knows, you may find yourself in the spiral of twists and tricks someday?