From Battling Drug Addiction to Running Three Businesses – Cole Luis DaSilva is a Success Story

Fighting drug addiction is never easy. People often succumb to their demons because they can’t get past the initial reason they started relying on drugs, alcohol, and other substances. For instance, most people often start abusing these substances because they’re trying to suppress trauma or painful feelings. Drugs and alcohol become a crutch since the high makes you feel good. However, you’re left all alone when things come crashing down, feeling worse than the night before. 

As someone who has struggled with addiction, Cole Luis DaSilva knows this story too well. He grew up in challenging circumstances and was never close to his family. His parents struggled to make ends meet and often dealt emotional and physical abuse to Cole, prompting him to run away finally he was 14 or 15. He began couch-surfing while engaging in a life of hedonism, regularly partaking in drugs and drinking. 

Eventually, he had enough. He decided to seek a fresh start by moving to Calgary, Alberta, where he got a job as an ironworker. He worked as an ironworker for three years, but leaving his past life behind wasn’t as easy as he had thought. He thought the move would help him curb his addiction and get clean. Instead, he developed a Percocet addiction, popping four to seven pills daily. 

Looking back, Cole Luis DaSilva shares, “It was a tough time in my life. I’m so glad I found fitness because it helped save my life. I mean it when I say this, I was at rock bottom back then. I got sick of waking up and not remembering the night before. More importantly, hearing about all the embarrassing things I had done the night before was terrible. People stopped relying on me. I was a joke.”

Not only did developing a passion for fitness help save Cole’s life and help him kick his addictions, but it also opened countless doors for him. For starters, he wouldn’t have met Brian Mark, his business partner, if he didn’t embark on a fitness journey. Moreover, his foray into the fitness world also helped him clear the debt he had accumulated during the darkest part of his life. 

Today, Cole Luis DaSilva owns several ventures. He runs Amarok Aesthetics, a fitness clothing brand that produces high-quality workout gear. Apart from that, he co-owns the Iron Energy gym in West Kelowna, BC, with his business partner Brian. The gym has been rated one of the best gyms nationwide. However, the magnum opus of his young and budding entrepreneurial career is PT Domination, a venture that helps fitness trainers gain autonomy and financial freedom. Cole and Brian teach aspiring fitness trainers to start and scale their online empires, allowing them to make five or six figures a month. According to the fitness expert, he has helped 2500 online trainers start their online businesses with eight of them making over $100,000 a month organically and 250 of them over $10,000 a month organically.

The past few years have been extremely fruitful for Cole. He and his beautiful wife, Julia, welcomed a son, Kade Wolf DaSilva. He’s also incredibly proud to be the first person in his family to make over a million dollars. Moreover, his entrepreneurial success enabled him to purchase a 5000-square-foot house in West Kelowna, British Columbia, a far cry from his upbringing in a trailer. Cole Luis DaSilva also celebrated his accomplishments by finally splurging on his first supercar, a 2021 Audi R8. 

Good things have continued to transpire for Cole. He was also recently brought on as a licensed motivational speaker for a YouTube channel motiversity. In addition, he’s on good terms with the motiversity’s owner, who owns multiple channels with over twelve million subscribers cumulatively.