Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Disability Employment Services

According to recent reports by the government of Australia, nearly 4 million individuals in the country suffer from a disability, which is expected to increase in the years to come. There is also a significant percentage of the population who suffer from injuries and different health conditions.

One of the difficulties that people with disability typically experience is the inability to find a job. Fortunately, the Australian government has decided to create an organization that aims to help people with disability in finding and keeping a job, and this is the Disability Employment Services. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about it.

What Exactly are Disability Employment Services?

According to an article by the Department of Social Services, Disability Employment Services (DES) assists people with injuries, health conditions, and disabilities to find, prepare, and keep an occupation. 

DES providers are small to medium for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that have experience in supporting people with disability. DES providers also help employers put in place the best practices and ethical conduct that will support disabled employees.

What Services are Offered by DES Providers?

DES providers offer two main services, which include Disability Management Services (DMS) and Employment Support Service (ESS). DMS is for individuals who have disabilities and need assistance in finding a job and occasional support in their future workplace. 

On the other hand, ESS is provided to individuals with a permanent disability that need to find a job and regular and ongoing support in their working environment. These Disability Employment Services are provided by businesses and organizations registered and qualified to provide such service.

How Will I Know If I’m Eligible for Disability Employment Services?

Not everyone can be admitted to DES as are some requirements need to be fulfilled. Some of these include the following:

  1. An individual must have an injury, disability, or health condition to be eligible for the services.
  1. A person will be eligible for DES if he or she is aged between 14-65.
  1. The person should be an Australian citizen, has permanent residence, or holds a Protected Special Category (PCS) visa.
  1. Not studying as a full-time student.
  1. Can work at least eight hours a week.

If a person meets all of these requirements, this person shall be eligible for DES. However, it would be best that you contact a reliable DES provider to know more about the requirements of this service.

Are Individuals with Mental Health Conditions Eligible for DES?

One of the great things about DES is that it focuses not only on physical health conditions when assisting. This is why individuals who suffer from mental health conditions are also provided with support. 

DES providers can assist people who have mental health conditions to find the appropriate employer for their mental well-being. In this way, these people will be able to work in a healthy working environment free from unideal conditions that can affect their mental health.


The life of people who suffer from disabilities, injuries, and health conditions should not be any more difficult. And this is why DES providers are considered significant organizations in the country. If you happen to be a person who suffers from a disabling condition and has difficulty finding employment, reach out to a reputable DES provider today and seek help.