The Covid 19 virus has made many changes to the way we work and conduct other activities. The sale of e-commerce portal has increased and online consulting with the doctor is the new norm. There are many articles in the newspaper and an online platform about the causes and preventive measures to strengthen immunity.

The review will talk about a website that claims to offer free vitamins and zinc with a health guide for people who have a vitamin d3 deficiency. Many covid-related products are offered in the United States, so people are almost confused on which one to trust.

We are here to guide you through this article.

What is

This website claims to offer free vitamin D, zinc, and a health guide, which is regularly priced at $ 350. There is a registration process where they ask you some questions like

• What is your age range

• Your gender

• your weekly sun exposure

• ask about your weight

• Do you have a weakened immune system?

The review attempted to answer this question and was taken to the next page where other information is provided in the form of a health guide. They have different guidelines for preventive measures and a person who has symptoms.

This website is trying to sell Covid19 related supplements to boost the body’s immunity.

Is legit or a scam?

This website was created just a month ago and had an Alexa rank of 1,431,712, so it doesn’t get much traffic. For a month-old site, nothing can be said for sure. However, your questioning technique will eliminate you if your vitamin D3 level seems inadequate.

It is not much about what is found on a digital platform to convince that this is a legitimate website. The review feels that one should buy their supplement from the authorized store and the well-known brand and avoid it until much is known about it.

Some reviews about the website

The Trusted Review & Trust Pilot is rated 0 out of 5 as no customer has thought about it. This site does not have a social media presence and does not have a Facebook or Instagram account opened in the name of the company.

No customer testimonials or reviews were seen on the website either. We can’t expect much from a month-long site that sells supplements, but we can’t trust it either. There is also no positive review about this site in the public domain on the digital platform.

Therefore, Reviews advises buyers to get their supplement from the well-known website.

Final verdict:

If we diagnose ten people in the United States, five of them will be deficient in vitamin D, so it will be tempting to fall prey to sites like this. We cannot say anything about this site due to lack of information and reviews in the digital world.

The dietary supplement scam is what worries both the people and the United States government. They have a clear guideline from the FDA on where to report such fraud. During the times of covid, many of these supplements are sold as an immunity booster, but we have to find the right solutions to our problem. Reviews tried to share all the information on the website, which is in the public domain. Write about this website if you have bought any product from this site in the comment section.


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